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Matt Fraser - The secrets to unlocking your psychic ability


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Out of curiosity I ordered one of his books (thankfully on kindle) & all I can say is... nothing special. I read "The secrets to unlocking your psychic ability. "


Anyway... starts off telling how he grew up in a psychic household, hearing voices in bed etc. Continues on to tell of his first experiences, how he started doing psychic work... the exercises in the book might be helpful to a first timer, but I didn't learn anything really. It just reminded me to order my new tarot cards (old deck gone now).


I guess to a normal person it might be useful, but I've had visions since I was a kid, so it's kind of wasted on me... most of his exercises in the book I've already learnt through trial & error.



I will say if you're very new to divination & psychic work then it's worth a read, but honestly, it's nothing you won't find free on the net if you search well.


He interests me with his abilities, but I won't be buying his books again lol.


I can't wait for my british plant books to arrive, I've decided to only use native plants in my craft. Just seems ludicrous to me to go ordering specific plants from abroad when their native cousins used for thousands of years by my ancestors are right here.


Anyway, so that was my take on Matt... Curious guy, but not an educational book unless you're very, very inexperienced in spiritual work.

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Some of my favorite British plants are, Bluebells, You have not lived until you walk in a Bluebell Wood in Spring, no wonder I love the color Blue so much.

Unfortunately if you pick bluebells, they die very quickly, so best to leave them where they grow.

Foxgloves, beloved of the Fay, to make a wish, you put each finger of one hand into one of the Foxglove bells, make a wish.

Heather, especially White Heather is very lucky.

Leeks, the national flower of Wales, I love Leek and Potato soup!

Four leaf Clover, lucky, lucky, lucky!

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I began working with one exercise that is a method of astral projection. What I noticed however, is that I began increasing in sensitivity slowly but steadily the more I practice trying to project. Im unsure if astral projection is a common method for increasing ones abilities, though my intuition is telling me so (at least for me).

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