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Witchtrial memorials in the UK

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I thought it would be interesting to list the witch trial memorials around the UK. I will add to this as I find them, currently trying to find any in Wales. If you know of any let me know! :)




Paisley - memorial of trial of the Paisley witch in 1697, bronze plaque


Crook of Devon - Witches maze made of beech trees at Tullibole Castle, dedicated to the 11 victims of the 1662 witch trials


Dunning - Maggie Wall's memorial, in the former grounds of Duncrub Castle. Stone memorial for a woman burned as a witch in 1657





Essex - Colchester Castle park houses a memorial to the witches burnt throughout the 16th and 17th centuries


Essex Manningtree - Planned memorial, currently funding


Pendle - In Roughlee, a statue of Alice Nutter stands in the centre of the village. Burned in the 1612 Pendle witch trials


Exeter - Mural and plaque dedicated to witches from 1682 onwards.

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