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Crimes of Grindlewald


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I just saw the latest Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. AKA Crimes of Grindlewald.

I found this movie to be quite confusing, probably because there was no book to read before the movie came out. I kept trying to figure out who played Grindlewald, but as soon as he spoke I yelled out Johnny Depp! Why!

Then the movie showed Dumbledor as a young man, Jude Law no less, wearing a tweed suit, no wizarding robes! What! There were a few scenes of Hogworts School, with Newt Scalamander practicing the Ridiculous Spell which tuned the Bogart into a typewritter and desk, Newt says the thing he is most afraid of is a desk job.

Mrs. MaGonagle was shown very briefly, and you really only heard her voice, I would have liked to see a young version of her and a bit more of her in the story.

The show took us from USA, to France, and Britain. Showing all the various Ministries of Magic. A lot of the movie was in Paris, showing all of the fantastic beasts. The second movie really realied on having seen the first movie. If you have not seen it, the second will be confusing.

All in all, not bad but could have been better. Some of the dialogue was hard to hear and did'nt explain much. The special effects were good, Paris was beautiful, as always.

I would rate it as 3 out of five stars.

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