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Writing a Fiction Book


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Hi everyone


Not sure how many of you are book readers or how many of you know of Wattpad and Patreon.

But I'll just put it out there!


I've always loved writing and drawing, and I have decided to post a story of mine that I have been concocting and playing around with for a few years now. It's about Witches and is Fictional. Fun characters and active magic wielding awesomeness!


This is most definitely going to turn into a Trilogy if not maybe a Qua-trilogy. Give it a look see and let me know what you guys think!

Here is the link to my wattpad page. It's a site where you can read my story for Free!




And if you guys want to support me on another site where i have also posted some of my artworks, here is a link to my Patreon Page:



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Hi hi


I've come a long way since starting The Order. Yes I'm going to change its name a bit.

I'm also taking Udemy courses on Writing and story building which are all amazing!


The Order is currently going strong, I am now up to Chapter 50 since I started to take it seriously once I began uploading to LitNet.

I's very encouraging to see how many readers I have and how many people have sent me encouraging messages on my profile. So here is to hoping that it can get published soon!


Here is my LitNet Link. I'm mainly posting on this site now since it seems more professional than Wattpad.


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Hey Merianna! I also write fiction! And have published quite a few books! (under a pen name), congrats on writing 50 chapters! Don't ever give up on your publishing dream! 

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