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feasting from the Black Cauldron


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"Feasting from the Black Cauldron, Teachings from a Witch's Clan" by Amaranthus

Pendraig Publishing 2017

Amazon paperback price $19, Kindle $7


190 pages, 176 of text, with appendix of terminology & bibliography


This is an instructional book of a modern traditional coven's practices, generally adaptable for solitary use. Rituals are suggested without step by step dictation. Workable guidelines are given to develop personal experience without dictating expectations. I'm finding personal validation of my own skills & practice by reading it.



Witchery, re your own psychic talents

Blood of the Red Rose, uses for your own blood

Anointed Eyes, the witch's gaze

Ingen Serpentis, serpent & dragon symbolism for ritual use

Betwixt &'Between, places that help sustain magical working

Entranced in Manteia, re necromancy & trance

At the Crossroads of Night, rituals of crossroads, sage & sulfer

Terra Umbrae, underworld relationships with Elphame

Familiar Spirits, both animal & spirit

Covenant of the Witch, coven functions

Implements of the Art, broom, knife, cord, horn, cup, wands, stone, cauldron, bone, staff

To Sanctify the Tools, bonding with ritual tools

Feasting from the Black Cauldron, Celtic seasons of the Horned Lord & Dark Lady, astrological timing

Clan Formulary, incense &'oil recipes by purpose

Romances of Witchcraft, nature does things it's own way


Appendix &'bibliography

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Huh, pulled it up on Amazon and read through the preview that was available which included a portion of the chapter on Witchery. Just from that, I'm interested; very validating, indeed. Thanks for the review, Zombee.

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