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Male Wishing 2 Cause Harm!

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Posted 23 May 2018 - 01:15 AM

I don't know if this is the appropriate place if not I apologise. Today im seeking help from users of Tarot as last night ive had a dream in which served me as a warning againest someone who wishes to cause harm againest me for some reason.
Anyway ive pulled a few cards to try and discover the identify of this male. As i was the cards to tell me about the personality that this guy has and i received word that i needed to pull out four cards. The cards i gotten are: 3S, The Star, The Tower and The Hang Man.
Below from my experience and knowledge im going to attempt to uncover the guys personality.
3S: Someone who is either a heart breaker or someone who doesnt respond well after a heart break. This guy is probably someone who has been involved or caused acts of adultery and or infidelity.
Star: This guy is probably a Aquarius man, where he uses his creativity to generature ideas.
Tower: Either shows self-destructive traits and or someone who likes destoring or messing around with things.
Hang Man: Someone whos laid back steps backwards away from everyday concerns.

So this is what I can get from the cards if possible I will later apply a pic of a rough verison of the guys appearence from the videogame called The Sims 4. From personal experience I dont know of any males with this appearence whos a Aquarius. As a capricorn woman, Im a shy person who doesnt or barely socialise with ppl so I dont know who Ive upset nor I wasnt aware that someone is pissed off at me. Any help is appricated.

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#2 Khundekling


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Posted 23 May 2018 - 03:04 PM

Have you tried interprating the dream in a different way? What I mean is, what we see in a dream can come for all sorts of reasons. Processing what we have learnt during the day. Thinking about something or someone before bed. I've been looking at a friend's FB profile that day and I dream of them later. There's a few dream experts out there that say everyone we dream about is an aspect of ourselves, but that is usually for people we already know. Of course they can be our higher selves trying to give us a message for the waking world, but might be worth looking into other reasons. 


You say he wants to cause you harm, in what way? What else was going on in the dream? Was any of it familiar? What were your feelings, scared, angry, annoyed?


If you want to use divination, perhaps ask a different question. Rather than focus on this unknown character maybe see if the cards give an idea of what you could have done to upset this person. Is there something you may have overlooked? 

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Posted 23 May 2018 - 04:17 PM

In agreement with Khundekling; it sounds to me like you may be moving too hastily with the message of this dream, if a message was indeed to be delivered by it. You just experienced this dream the other night, and you're already trying to work up an image of what a possible enemy could look like? To sidestep the risk of projecting any undue fear, paranoia, or wariness onto strangers you may meet who roughly fit in with your tarot reading, I suggest stepping back from this and to try viewing it from more than one angle to determine if it is worth all of this outward activity, or perhaps instead it is a call for introspection. If it is a legitimate warning coming to you from a spiritual source, it's likely that the warning will be delivered more than once over a span of time. I can no longer count the number of times I've been murdered by men both strange and familiar in my dreams..

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#4 BlackbirdSong


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Posted 05 June 2018 - 10:22 AM

I agree with Phaedra and Khundekling that perhaps stepping back and reassessing the dream could be good. I have certainly found sometimes my first impressions (even second and third) needed relooking at, as I was just too involved to see the big picture.

My initial impression was that the Star indicates a need for healing, and the Tower and the Hanged Man suggest an overhaul and some deep contemplation, even the need to wait - the feeling of being suspended in time while you work on this message and waiting for the right moment (which I find often I think I know, but the Spirits know better). Do you feel you're definite this is another person? Please don't be offended by this - because I haven't met you and don't know your current situation so I could be way off the mark, but to me, those cards really suggest inner working, the idea this man in the dream may be an aspect of yourself or a fear/issue you are struggling with. It's three major cards - which to me would suggest a big change in your personal journey. I don't know what happened in your dream, but the 3 of Swords could reflect the dream itself, or the releasing of something deep within. It could indicate heartbreak, with the Tower near it, it could be that it demonstrates you will find this upheaval difficult but I would say the Star reminds you that you have what is within you to move through it and rebuild.

As an identity, I think I would say it is someone who has suffered, someone who uproots life as their's has been uprooted. I don't know if the cards had particular positions, or a layout you were using, but if read in chronological order it could be someone who suffered deep pain when younger, went through a period of healing and now after more upheaval feels unable to rebuild, as though time is moving around him but he remains stuck on the rubble of his old life and therefore causes pain to others. 

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