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Here is one from many years ago, when I was still new to the path.








I have been to the cemetery

searching for specters from the past

they never really left me

and life never really lasts.


I drank blood the night before

a morbid initiation

into a world of forgotten lore

curses, invocations.


A pendulum to show us the way

over rows of ancient graves.

What we found there spoke the truth

more frightening than the lies

the waters of insanity

slowly start to rise.


I have been called Witch

by another name

potentially chaotic charm

without mercy, without shame

ruler of the heart and mind

emotionless, seductress

she sees all within your eyes

and draws power from your lust.


The tempest gathers in the east

so prepare yourself for the storm

we will hide beneath the ground

tombstones to keep us warm.

The flower around my neck

smells vaguely of death,

I wonder why.

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