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Over The Garden Wall


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Anyone see this strange little cartoon? It aired originally on the cartoon network. About 10 episodes, just 12 minutes each.

I absolutely loved it.

Very interesting imagery and symbolism.


I'm looking it up. I've never heard of it. I was partial to Grim con Carne.

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Created by Patrick McHale Based on Tome of the Unknown (2013) Directed by

Creative director(s)

  • Nate Cash (episodes 1–6)
  • Bert Youn (episodes 7–10)

Voices of



Tome of the Unknown: Harvest Melody, usually shortened to Tome of the Unknown, is a 2013 animated short film created by Patrick McHale and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The film serves as the inspiration and pilot for the miniseries Over the Garden Wall, which premiered in 2014.[2]

In the film, Wirt (Elijah Wood), his brother Gregory (Collin Dean), and Beatrice, a bluebird, head to the big city in search of an arcane book of all known things, meeting a vegetable man along the way. Finally, in this short Warren Burton serves as narrator.

McHale initially pitched the idea to Cartoon Network as a three-season television series, but was asked to develop it into a feature film for Cartoon Network's planned feature film department. He had trouble rewriting the series into a feature, and it was ultimately put on hold when McHale went to work on Adventure Time.


Its the adventure time guy.


UPDATE: this is an awesome show. I just watched the first episode with my kid over breakfast. He love spoooooooky stuff. It seems very reminiscent of Otherworld stories but with some other cultural imageries as well. The guy also did Flapjack and Adventure Time, both of which run in the same vein of "darkness." If you like kid's shows like this, you should check out Troll Hunter​ on Netflix. Its Guillermo Del Toro. Its for an adolescent audience, but its good for all ages in my opinion.

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Guest NatureMama

Solanaceae thanks for sharing! My young daughter and I love this series! We are almost through it.  It's a fun mix of odd and creepy.

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