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Guest Planewalker

A Walker's Sad Lament

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Guest Planewalker

I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce an aspect of one of the things I do. I was given this ability or an event in my life triggered a latent talent I already had. I'm not sure I'll ever know which is true. I first started exhibiting this trait in late 1992. A quarter century later and I'm still finding all the bells and whistles associated with the ability, It's what I take my Nom-du-esoteric from. I think of it as going Elsewhen, Otherwhere or a combination of the two. I don't know how many planes of existence there are. How many dimensions are out there? How big is the Akashic record? If I'm the pawn, with free will, of some entity or community of beings who are playing God here, whose pawn(s) are they? Are we being groomed to someday be as the Gods to other lifeforces as yet undreamt of. The more I learn, the greater wisdom I attain, is it just to prove to me how little I know? We usually think of ourselves by the name we are given in our youth, as the sum of our experiences as a coherent mass of energy. I'm thinking more and more of myself as one who travels free of the constraints of this flesh. A being no better or worse than any other, but one meant to wander the realms of realities. A witness to joys and a witness to the sadness that I found when I walked here.



This world is empty now,

I seek a friendly face.

No one lives here now.

I find no trace.

I search without

and I look within.

I hear no ones shout

to tell what might have been.

I've come so far,

there's no one here.

When were their happy times?

Did they die in fear?


I came to learn,

perhaps to teach.

Their knowledge and wisdom now

lie far beyond my reach.


Those who made this place,

they do not remain.

They've all gone.

My journey was all in vain.

The requiiem was never sung,

no eulogy was read.

No funeral bell was ever rung

in memory of the dead.

I came for nothing.

I had no need to roam.

There's no peasant and no king.

The lights are on! No bodies home.



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