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Ritual - In This Moment


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For any metal fans out there (although this album isn't very heavy), In This Moment's new album, Ritual, has a very witchy/tribal/occult theme to it. Even if you're not a metal head some of you may like it.


Ever since I heard Maria Brink's voice I've been hooked!


This is one song off the album...



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Love it - thanks for sharing! I'm not a metal head, but I love the Blues bones of this song - I'll have to check out the rest of the album.


The rawness of this reminds me of PJ Harvey and also a bit of Poe...


In case anyone is curious, this is a masterpiece of an album and a shame she never release another after it (the sampled recordings of the man's voice are tapes she found of her father after he died, along with her own voice on them from when she was a child) - 


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I'm a huge fan of this band.  I love all their videos.  Just wanted to share that tidbit! lol


Thanks for that tidbit PrimalWitch :D  I only discovered them about a year or so ago and now listen to them all the time. The older I get the heavier I seem to like my metal but I just love her voice. She can really wail! Big Bad Wolf is a particular favourite, when that tempo drops and then builds up again... GRRRRR!!! hahaha


I think the song that best showcases her vocal talent is Fighter...





Glad you liked it IslandBruja and Tricycle. Thanks for the Poe share IB, they definitely share a similar sound.

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