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New Members - The Way It Works Here - **PLEASE READ when joining! **


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Hi to new members or members thinking about joining. This post is toclarify exactly how the join up process goes.



� Firstly you fill out the sign up information if you over 18


� You will then receive an email which you must click a link to confirm your registration. If you do not validate your email within one week we will delete your registration.


� This can now go two ways. Depending on the information you supplied when you signed up, we may not accept your membership, or we may ask you for some more information. Your name on the Forum will be RED (Validating) to let everyone know that you are waiting approval.


� If we are happy with your sign up, you will be able to log in afterwe have manually approved you (please be patient we dont sit online 24/7)- You will then receive an email welcoming you. Your name will then turn GREY (Lurker).


� You must THEN log in and make your FIRST post an introduction in the INTRODUCTION forum and within 15 minutes the public forum area will open up to you and you may post threads and topics. Your name will then turn BLUE (Seekers).


� You will then be on an undefined appraisal period until the moderators and other members of this site have gotten to know you a little better. During your appraisal period, you will not have access to the private areas of the forum and neither to the members blog area.


� Once we have gotten to know you and you have been accepted by the community, your membership will be upgraded and you will then have access tothe whole forum and the member blogs. This will be discussed with you at thetime and your name will turn GREEN (Members).




This decision to tighten up the rules of new members joining was necessary and we hope that you understand. This gives us all a chance to get toknow you and find out if you will fit in here, if not then it is easily resolved.




p.s.Just for information ORANGE coloured Members are Moderators and YELLOW are Admins.




Welcome to the Traditional Witch Community Forum




Have FUN, respect one another's views as far as possible, and agree to disagree if need be... and read the other threads in this section please


Please remember that ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST POST AN INTRODUCTION INTHE INTRODUCTION THREAD FIRST ... or you will not be able to post anywhere else on the forum. After you have posted an intro, the public area of the forum will openup for you where we can get to know you better. Based on your posts the moderators of this site will make a decision when to promote you to a full member where you will have full access to all areas.


To keep the site active and fresh, we will be DELETING ALL MEMBERSwho do not post an introduction within 1 month of their sign up.


Please ensure that if you are coming from Wicca, to read the relevant posts in this Forum Announcement area FIRST before joining! For your information, we do NOT discuss Wicca on this Forum in any shape or form. These threads below should be enough information for you to make up your mind whether you wish to join or stay here.

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