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Wolf Moon

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Wolf Moon


Back in the willow brake

Is where that woman goes

To work her wild magic.


Some nights you will see a hare,

brown and white

with red-tipped ears.

Or a raven who knows a secret word,

or a fox who sheds her skin,

or a bear with milk white cubs,

and she has that woman's eyes.

Walking around in her animal skin,

hidden in plain sight.


At night the northern lights will dance,

and the moon is as big as a house.

All the sled dogs will howl up and down the valley,

when they see the woman in her

borrowed skins

pass by.


Is she a bear (with a star on her forehead),

is she a fox (she slips into your bed),

is she a raven (she is laughing in a language no one knows),

is she a hare (red tipped ears that hear the moon),


or is she a wife,

asleep next to you in the bed,

slipping off her skin

to cast her wild magic

in the willow brake

as the northern lights go dancing dancing

across the winter sky?

Edited by westofthemoon

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I love that. Beautiful and slightly haunting.

Edited by Anubha

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