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Advanced Magick for Beginners - Alan Chapman


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Anyone read Advanced Magick for Beginners by Alan Chapman. (BTW do a google search with this " Advanced magick for beginners alan chapman pdf " to read for free).


I finished this interesting read on line, and just may buy the book for my collection. I found his honest and funny no fluffy-bunny approach to be refreshing, but it will probably piss off the die-hard adherent. There are a lot of parallels with this book and my own discoveries/conclusions as I've grown in the craft.


The book is a short easy read with only 170 pages, lots of blank pages inserted and wide margins. There are numerous exercises that I didn't feel the need to do, as most of my life experiences have already proved out the points that he's making.   


All in all a pretty good book for beginners, and encouragement for the rest of us to just do our own thing!



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