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Hearing Voices Again


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The last two times I got serious about witchcraft I had some very scary experiences. So, I've been a little on edge, lately. Waiting for lightning to strike me, I guess. :lol: 


My daughter recently asked me to drive her to another town to buy an entertainment center. She was using the GPS on her smart phone as we were unfamiliar with the area. She told me about a co-worker who's been giving her some trouble. She said he told her a really obnoxious joke about a reindeer. Just then, a woman's voice said in a rather curt tone, " It's not appropriate to joke about raping people."


It scared the crap out of me! My daughter looked confused for a moment and then explained that there is an app on her phone that responds to what you say. We both laughed so hard. What a trip! I just had to share that.

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