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Nightmare Prevention Sachet

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I created this earlier on in the year because my husband was having nightmares about Erlkonig taking our children away. I researched the herbs used for a long time. I'm not going to write any particular spell, because I made something up just for my husband. 


Items needed: 

Lavender petals- sleep, protection, peace

Primrose petals and/or rosehips

Rosemary- for protection

Cinnamon- healing (he was greatly harmed by these dreams psychologically)

Clove- for protection, purifying, removing negative forces

Sage- for purifying and protection, removing negative forces


As you can see, I focused on herbs that promote peace, protection, and added a LOT of lavender to the sachet so that the aroma could be smelled, along with the other herbs and plants. I combined these in a cloth that allowed for the aroma to pass through (I believe I tied off a piece of cheesecloth with ribbon in this particular instance). 

I said my spell and placed it on his pillow for him to place under. 


I had to do this twice and then my husband had no more dreams about Erlkonig taking our children anymore. 




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I should say I placed the sachet on his pillow for my husband to place under it. The way I worded it, it sounds like I placed the spell (of which was in my mind) on the pillow. 

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