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The Love Witch


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I really enjoyed it. I love how campy it was. And I love how it blended the 70s exploitation film genre and time period with the current time period.


I LOVED how 70s it felt.. as a filmmaker.. i can safely say its hard to pull off.. a little too much Wicca for my tastes.. but goddamn did it look good

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Oh my bob. I just watched it and then read an interview with the Writer/Director/Producer/Set Designer/Costumer, etc etc (she not only wrote & directed it, but also made a lot of the paintings, clothes, sets, etc) AND SHE COULDN'T FIND A RUG LIKE SHE WANTED IN THE PIC BELOW SO SHE TOOK SIX MONTHS AND HOOKED IT HERSELF(!!!!) 




That is some incredible dedication to your craft and attention to detail. Very interesting movie, especially visually... It's not a genre I typically enjoy, but the intentionality and self-awareness (without being pretentious) behind it made it so much more watchable (as opposed to films from that era that had no idea they were being campy with strange acting, etc).



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