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The Inner Connection

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This is a great little shop with wonderful energy. They have a focus on Wiccan or Angel magic. Jan, the shop owner is a great lady who knows a great deal. She's wonderful to go to if you need advice or guidance and is always willing to offer it. Her husband does Aura photography and is a very gifted energy healer and reader. They often have readers come and offer their services there and they have a nice selection of incense and stones/gems. I'd definitely recommend it. Jan(the owner) does a newsletter that often has some wonderful insights. 

308 Market Street, New Cumberland  PA  17070-2161  http://theinner-connection.com/



We provide a "Safe Haven"... a place where   everyone's opinion is valued... an arena where different paths of exploration are encouraged... a resting spot to stop and smell the flowers... to regroup your energy and to lift your head proudly and clearly state to yourself, "I can do it"... and then go out into the world and "DO IT"!








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