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Herbal Discussion Chat on 09-23-07


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This chat covered herbs. It carried on for just over an hour and 15 minutes. Overall the topic was engaging and educational. Some of the key points that was discussed was how one herb can have different names in different cultures as well as different countries. Another excellent point that was made was that some people might have ragweed allergies so there need to be mindful of what they mix, burn, or take internally. It was discussed that some herbs such as Pennyroyal can trigger a "spontaneous abortion" in pregnant women and therefore should be avoided.


A list of herbs that contained natural steroids was posted.


It was urged that before anyone mixes herbs to help a friend or themselves, that they have a complete list of medicines they are currently on (right down the very asprin or tylenol) and take it to the health food/herbal store right with them as well. It was also advised that whatever doctors involved are consulted as well before using herbs (i.e.: a heart patient could experience heart pains as a result of drinking Licorice tea because Licorice encourages the body to retain water/fluid and thus result on the heart pains, etc.).


Several books were posted to use as a reference and they will be included on here as well.


The request on how to make teas and tinctures was asked and it was advised that it will be posted in the botanical section as well.


Oils were also included with this discussion, as well as the shelf life for fresh and/or dried herbs.


Shelf life for oils (if home made) would normally keep approximately 2 maybe 3 months...store brought...endless. Dried herbs used in magick...endless (though I explained that I restock my supply yearly)...if used in medicines...6 months (personal preference)...fresh herbs no more than few weeks to a month (even then you're pushing it, think in mind of vegetables, fruits, etc.)


Below is the list of steroid herbs and the introduction of herbal discussion.




Black Cohosh...Blessed Thistle...Blue Cohosh...Cramp Bark...Damiana...Don Quai...False Unicorn...Ginseng...Licorice...Pennyroyal...Sarsaparilla...Saw Palmetto...Squaw Vine...Wild Yam...Yarrow.




The power of herbs has been utilized by those during the ancient era. Many Romans used herbs (flowers especially) for their baths. Today, Herbs are used in a variety of ways (baths, incense, teas, medicinal use, potions, tinctures, potpourri, etc.).


Herbs also contain a natural raw energy (as do crystals) that can be used and/or manipulated in all levels of magick and can be used in combination with other magickal methods as well, like poppets, dream pillows, candles, etc. Herbs also contain different properties such as steroids, caffeine, etc. that can work with or against the body (especially if you are currently on synthetic drugs).


It is important to keep in mind that different cultures might utilize the very same herb, but yet in very different manners (for example: Sassafras/Laurus sassafras tea was often used by some Caribbean Afro-America cultures to assist in those who has measles and was also used as a spring tonic?Native Americans would use the leaves for poultices and the roots to help relieve pains in the bladder?Euro-Americans would use this as a way to treat high blood pressure and rheumatism, etc.).


For those who like to go out and gather roots, herbs and wildflowers in their areas, keep in mind that they might have been sprayed with pesticides as well from whatever state and/or county truck (for instance, here in the Florida Keys, we have mosquito control that drives around and sprays everything to keep the mosquito population down).


If you are going to work with herbs it is always good to have at least 4 types of books handy: herbal remedy book, holistic herbal book that explains about herbs and what they contains, etc, magickal herbal book AND finally a book on the wildflowers and roadside plants in your area.


So with that being said?let?s open up the conversation on herbs :)




* Herbally Yours, by Penny C. Royal, ISBN: 0-9609226-1-x

* Jude's Herbal Home Remedies, by Jude C. Williams, ISBN: 0-87542-869-x

* Holistic Herbal, by David Hoffman, ISBN: 1-85230-758-7


Please note that there are also other herbal books that would be a wonderful addition to this as well. But this was a start for those who are just learning the basics :)

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I am so pissed that I missed this chat. I so wanted to be there for it. As I could have really learned alot I am sure. But maybe I will catch a similar topic in the future. In the mean time I will learn on my own, as it supposed to be.

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