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Long ago there was a tribe of giant people. The tribe lived in peace and harmony. One couple in particular, Susitna and the love of her life, their love was so strong that the night sky danced with their colorful aura. One day the tribe learned of a tribe of jealous and hateful people who lived to the north. The chief of the giants held a meeting with all the men in the village and they agreed to try and make peace with the north. Upon hearing if the plans, Susitna wept for her lover. She did not want him to leave. He told her to be patient. "Wait for me," he said "stay by this river, and I promise I will return". Susitna regretfully agreed and promised to wait for him. Days passed, and after a long day of picking berries, Susitna last down by the river and fell asleep. The spirits of the giant people heard in the wind of her lovers passing, losing a battle they never intended to fight. The spirits wove a blanket of grass and flowers and wrapped Susitna in it. As they did they cast a spell that she may never want up until the day when jealousy and hatred have finally left this world. To this day the spirits of Alaska still keep her beautiful with a blanket of flowers in the spring, and a white blanket to keep her warm in the winter. Susitna still dreams of her lover in her sleep, which is why we still see her aura in the northern lights. Most people in Alaska call Mount Susitna the sleeping lady, or just lady.

I'm sorry if I left some parts out, I last heard this story as a child living in Alaska but that's the gist of it. Living in Alaska was so magical and I grew up with native Alaskan witchcraft and legends.

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