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For Canadians/stores that ship

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Is it alright to have this thread for asking for favourite Canadian stores specifically? (that ship)


I don't have much experience with any companies so far, and there are certainly plenty out there, but it would be nice to have a running list of Canadian shops that come highly recommended by members here, or keep updating if/as new ones are discovered.


The main reason being, avoiding duty charges lol

For those of us in Canada.

Plus for purchasing any kind of plant material... Won't be happening across borders!

I don't live near any notably well-stocked or impressive stores and at least the ones I am aware of being closest to are very overpriced.

I'm sure there are others in the same boat up here in Canada.


I will of course add any I find to be good as well!

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It is unfortunate, but true that we Canadians do not have any where near as many options as the US, or UK. Most of our magickal supply stores cater the new age, wiccan and pagan crowd, and tend to be overpriced but you may have some luck with them. It is kind of bad right now with the Canadian dollar being so low, but honestly most of the time it ends up being cheaper to ship from else where even with duties (depending on how much you order of course) because the shipping charges in Canada are so ridiculous. A lot of places in the states offer free shipping, or very low rates even internationally.


I can really only give you the ones that I know and like personally. Here are a few;



For plants, herbs (dried, live plants and seeds) and essential oils; https://www.richters.com/newdisplay.cgi?page=home.html&cart_id=3240760.4856#

Not too far from Toronto Ontario.



This is Sarah Anne Lawless's Shop : (formerly black arts foundry, based out of BC) http://fernandfungi.com/

Now she is located in a town called Killaloe Ontario, in the Ottawa Valley. Unfortunately, as the name change may suggest she seems to have toned it down some. However, she still offers some very good product.


If you are ever near enough to Toronto, I highly recommend a visit to a little store located at 29 St. Andrew St. in the Kensington Market. It is called International Herbs, but the name is misleading. They sell herbs, yes. They also sell just about any kind of candles and incense you could possibly want and have a decent section of Hoodoo supplies to boot. Floor wash, oils, statues, the list goes on. All this at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately they are not online yet, but the owner tells me they are working on it. This is not to be confused with another store called International herbs Co., also in the Kensington Market ( 55 Kensinton Ave.) I've never been, might be good, but it looks like they just sell herbs and food products.


Here is the link for yelp reviews for the St. Andrews st store:



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This is fantastic! Thank you!

I do get to Toronto a couple times a year maybe but usually only passing through or on limited time, however I have been to Kensington in the past and its about time I go back to for a visit if I can.

Luckily I do know locals who do the bee products, one right down the road from me, in fact.


The bead link will come in handy I'm sure, I was just recently trying to decide on a place to order from for my jewelry making, I think I filled up a few shopping carts and then couldn't decide. One was www.rainbowbeadsonline.com (Ottawa based I believe) which seemed good but they don't have the raw gemstones like ibeads, just the beads and pendants.


Again, thanks a lot, great links!

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