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I'm going back to the basics

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#21 bluelily


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Posted 12 May 2016 - 03:55 PM

That makes a lot of sense but I definitely feel more comfortable having some out loud focus of intent on the Claus. I feel if I didn't.. My mind would linger there anyways and may fixate on it.
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#22 Belle


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Posted 13 May 2016 - 01:09 AM

@Oroboros....That was a very good point that you made. I always have to state things as if they are so. I cannot waver on that because it is part of the spell. 


When my kids were little, I was taught to say what I wanted them to do, not to say 'don't eat the cookies' because the words they hear are 'eat' and 'cookies'...


Instead I might say. 'We have apple slices for your snack today?'  this wording is clearly not about cookies, the cookie option is not even on the table.


It is kind the same thing with spells. If you say the word 'harm' then that is part of the spell. Who is None? For all I know that is my new nickname. That could easily happen in my world. 


I think it is the will of the witch. That desire, tenacity, emotion, intent and personal power is a key ingredient, though I work with spirits as well and I have complete trust in one who is always present.


I personally use as few restrictions as possible, because I don't know how the spell is going to come to pass. Sometimes there might be pain involved in order to reach the goal and by excluding that option I might be preventing the ideal outcome. 


If it is for somebody else besides myself, I usually don't use words at all in the spell part.

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#23 aefre


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Posted 13 May 2016 - 04:53 PM

Very interesting to hear everyone's views on spell casting.


I am like Llyr, in that I've never put a time frame on things.  Maybe I should start..  I prefer to let things take their own time.  I wanted to rid myself of someone (in my intro) and it took a couple of months to work, but work it did, and very well!


I also pop caveats into my work, along the lines of not harming me and mine.


I've learned to be quite specific in what I'm aiming for.  In focussing on the thing you want, it's impossible not to think about the thing you want to prevent, which in my opinion, can only strengthen a spell, not weaken it.  After all,  it's all about intent. 

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#24 Zombee


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Posted 05 June 2016 - 10:50 PM

I also add a "for the good of all" statement because I am not all knowing and, what I believe may be a good thing in providing aid, could side rail an important lesson the person needs to master themselves. By allowing for doubts, am I undermining the ultimate outcome? No. I don't have to be afraid random, non-purposeful thoughts will contaminate the job.

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#25 IslandBruja


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Posted 28 September 2016 - 08:15 AM

how to be social in a "culture" where you don't know the social rights and wrongs. How to interpret things spoken in ways one isn't familiar with. For me, that was the hardest (so far, lol), working on relationships.


I found this thread really interesting overall in relation to my own dilemma I'm formulating something for (my recent thread in the members/seekers section)...

I don't have anything specific to add to the OP's original question that hasn't already been said but I just have to say Michele that aside from your entire post being very helpful this excerpt in particular struck a deep chord in me as it's the way I feel in my every day life... and that makes me want to look further into this type of working (which I've never attempted before nor had much interest in investigating) as suddenly I felt perhaps it would be a dialect I might understand more clearly... Anyway, I don't know if that makes much sense the way I've written it, but just wanted to thank you for sharing :)

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#26 Llyr


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Posted 28 September 2016 - 09:35 AM

+1 Michele


Now, allow me to play Devil's advocate and ask a possibly ridiculous question.  Being of the type of person who is too good at imagining every possible negative outcome, I have always included caveats such as these in the workings I have done. (Except the irresponsible, anger fueled, out of control hex here and there...)  


However, I have wondered this:  Assuming that most magic is driven by the will of the witch, is there any danger that by allowing the mind to linger on potential negative outcomes as we say these caveats, that we could actually be putting energy into creating the very negative outcome we are actively trying to avoid by concentrating on THAT during the working??  Granted, we are putting MORE energy into the goal of the spell than the caveats.  BUT, suppose it is the type of situation where the the thing that is hanging in the balance is already tipping precariously in the wrong direction and the bit of will that focused on a potential bad outcome was all it needed to teeter on over.  If this is ridiculous, apologies:).  Just wondering if this is possible.  


I suppose I always felt it vital to work a spell focused on the thing you want not the thing you are trying to prevent, which is why I wondered if this could be an issue.



This is a good point Osboros and has made me have a little re-think. It's almost like negative suggestion which can be used to influence people and I feel that type of energy can work the same way. For example, say for example you wanted to make people look through a hole in a high wooden fence, there is no way anyone can see over or through the fence. If you made a 2inch in diameter hole at around chest height in the fence and a 100 people walked past the fence through the day. Not many people would look through it or even notice it.


If you then put a large sign up above it saying "Do Not Look Through This Hole", I think a very large percentage of people would in fact look through the hole.


That is negative suggestion. So if we do that in a spell would it not be negative intention?

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