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Coffee divination


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Hey, everyone.

I looked, but didn't find a thread about coffee divination, so I thought I'd start one. I hope you like it.


When I was a kid, my mom and her friends would gather and one of them would read coffee sludge. It seemed like a lot of fun for us kids and we would also ask the lady to scry with our cocoa. Still, I never looked at it as something really serious, until I found out this particular lady (who is actually my Godmother) had predicted my mom's first and third grandchildren will be girls and I will be an art person at the time when I was in an Advanced school for Maths and Natural Science.


So basically, you use the coffee sludge as you would tea leaves. Still, there are some rules - how to make the coffee and how to swirl and such, which I'm going to try and explain in this thread. I hope you'll find it interesting.


Here we go: For starters you need white china coffee cup and saucer. Preferably real china, but really, any would do. Coffee (well, obviously), made the "Turkish way". This means you don't make it in a machine or anything, but take a pot and put water. After the water starts to boil, put 2 tea spoons of coffee in. Be careful, because when you put the coffee, it may go all over the place. Once it goes up, take it out the heat, then when it settles, put it back. Do that 3 times. After that, you pour into the cup without straining it. You can have sugar, milk or cream with your coffee, it doesn't have effect on the scrying.

After you drink all your coffee, you should have only sludge in your cup. Now take the cup with your right hand and swirl the sludge to the right 3 times so the sludge will go to the sides of the cup. Now turn your cup upside down over the saucer and put your middle finger on the bottom of it. Wait for about 10 minutes and you can start divining.


Start with the saucer. This is where important events from the personal life of the person are "Written".

Next is the cup itself (I'll write some of the figure meanings).

Finally, put your thumb on the inside bottom of the cup and make a fingerprint near the cup handle. This is a way to see if your desire will come true.


Time to put some meanings to the figures: (this is going to be a translation, so it won't be in alphabetical order).




А - A great victory. You'll win all your personal battles.

Iceberg: Danger in a situation you consider safe. Unexpected obstacle.

Angel - Bringer of good news or a letter. It may also mean proposal or a new relationship.

Arch - A big change, connected to travel or marriage. May also mean a new house.

Harp - Harmony in love.

Balcony - look around, you have enemies who you consider friends.

Balloon - something's bothering you, but soon everything will be OK

Drum - talk, gossip, schemes your way. They may be a source of serious scandals.

Walking stick - Some trouble in your relationship with someone older than you.

Walking stick next to a human - sickness which will last long.

Baby - if you have a child - you are going to have some troubles with your child. If you don't, it means you don't have a reason to worry.

Gallow - failure.

Shuckles - troubles you don't know about yet.

Buffalo - a symbol of sorrow.

Buffalo near a road - someone close to you needs emotional support.

Bull - a very good sign, symbolizing a great future.

Jewelry - an expensive and valuable gift.

Boot (boots) - good fortune, easy walk on your path. If they are headed towards the handle - some obstacles on the road and possible failure.

Beans - poverty, financial trouble.

Bowler hat - new job, new employer or promotion.

Lock - this is your locked luck. Whatever problems you have, it won't be easy to solve them.

Axe - you need to be decisive. If the axe is in the middle of the cup - don't be afraid of a journey, it'll bring you more than you expect. If it's on the bottom - you'll soon have more children in the family, possibly foreigners.

Beetle - a hard task that will surprise you.

Razor - unexpected and fast separation.

Ivy - a true friend you can always rely on.

Bouquet - a joyful meeting, love confessions, happiness, many positive and emotional moments.

Bride - Scandal, sickness, may mean a cheating partner. For the single people - an unexpected marriage.

Bottle - a nice surprise. If there are many bottles - a warning about sickness.

Desk - new job, unexpected promotion.

Owl - gossip

B - disaster.

Wagon - if only one, you are to be married soon, if many, you'll be invited to a wedding.

Barrel - a big party

Vase - If there are no flowers - bad news about someone you love, but you need to stay away if not asked for help. If there are flowers, you'll have many choices. It's up to you to choose the right path.

Eyebrows - on the top of the cup - you are a good hearted person and others value your friendship. On the bottom - unexpected difficulties.

Scales -

on the top - you depend on an older woman.

- In the center - depts are due and you need to do something about it quickly.

- Surrounded by a face - you are about to have a trial in court, one you'll win.

- Near a rooster - great joy and good fortune for your children. They will make you proud.

Bicycle - a difficult journey.

Reptiles - people around you may betray you.

Wreath - success in everything you start.


- binding to a job that will take all your spare time.

- enforced marriage.

Fan - Your partner may be cheating.

Weathercock - you're going to need help making a difficult decision .

Villa - scandals between relatives.

Fork - inclination towards good life. You'll get rich, but be careful, you may have backstabbing people around you.

Waterfall - Cleansing of all troubles, personal, financial and work related.

Soldier - you'll have to ask someone on a high position for help

Crow - some troubles at home.

- with it's wings spread - you and your rivalries will solve the problem together.

- down, near the bottom, you may have a trauma.

- up near the edge - small wound.

- surrounded by arrows - death in the family.

- wings spread and beak open - someone from the family will move out for a long time.

Door - you need to be careful, your deams depend on other people.

Volcano - you'll be a victim of someone's wraith or be a victim of your own uncontrollable emotions.

Question mark - you may have or are about to receive an offer, but you need to think it through and not make rush decisions.

Wolf - jealousy

Willow - melancholy, followed by optimism.

Windmill - you earned your success.

Raven - not so good news about someone close to you.

Necklace - success and a present. If it's not whole - you may end a relationship - personal or work related.

Head - an outside influence on your life.

- in the center - a much younger friend will be a strong influence on your life.

- face up - you'll receive help from a younger person who will be your protector from this moment on.

- face down - danger

- in profile - you need serious support, but don't worry, you'll find it soon.

- face near the bottom - someone loves you but only shows you, not anybody else.

Nest - new home, good relationships in the family. If there are eggs - expect children in the family soon.

Ox - prosperity

Gondola - a trip for pleasure.

Comb - be careful - someone near you is trying to use you. You'll hear a lie.

Paddle - you don't need to worry about little things.

Bracelet - proposal

Grapes - happiness

Mushroom - you or someone close to you has an opportunity for growth.

Pigeon - loyalty and honesty in the family May also mean people who gossip against you won't succeed.

Pot - you'll be offered a position that will grant you power and you'll be able to work for the people.

Geese - unexpected guests from far away.


Child - if straight up - means joy:

- If sitting, thoughts related to the resolution of a problem in the family or marriage. A problem which is still very small, but can bring new, more serious trouble in the future.

Clover- very common among figures in the cup:

-If three leaved – you will come to good luck, success in intent and opportunity to achieve your goals. What you have in mind will be implemented.

-If Four-means endless happiness and material prosperity.

Oak - a symbol of beautiful and ultimate victory over your detractors:

Tree - this sign will bring you new strength, joyful mood, good health and cheerfulness

- in the center of the cup – you’ll have back the lost prestige in society.

- surrounded by lines - predicts your important decisive changes. Not finding recognition in your home country, you will go abroad and find happiness.

- surrounded by small bars - it seems to you that you are successful and you are at the zenith of your fame. Is it not too early to think so? Be cautious!

-Several trees (forest) - not worth rushing with the realization of an idea. Perhaps you are slightly wrong. Maybe you'll wake up to receive some amazing news and everything will change.

Log - fateful decision a long journey with a positive character.

Arc - happiness, success and change in a positive direction.

Devil- need for caution because around you there is a man who wants to mislead you.

E - If you worry about something, leave your worries- your conscience is clear.

Rider - news awaited for a long time.

Deer - a symbol of honesty and reason. It has the ability to predict various troubles:

-light deer predicts that in your family is a possible misunderstanding.

-Deer horns - expect big losses.

- Surrounded by trees or small items - you may have unpleasant and difficult experiences. Only large financial cost will help you out of this serious situation.

- Near mountain - your financial affairs are quite shaken.

-Baby deer - Be prepared for a significant rise. You can even become president.

- deer along the way - do not listen to advice of unknown or little known people, their tips are bad.

Fir tree - success through assistance.

Frog - a sign of good news, good luck, good and profound love:

- Top of the cup - you love a widowed person. This man is rich and has a position. Marriage to him would bring a peaceful and prosperous life.

- In the center of the cup - take notice that soon you'll get a letter with protestations of love.

Darker frog the whole cup - omen for future marriage. You will love the gentleman.

- Below, surrounded by curved lines - you participate in the lucrative business contacts.

- Along with an outline of a person - after the death of a loved one (relative) you will get huge heritage.

- Wayside - await guests from afar. It will help you to put in order your work.

- Near cell - in the near future will be free from disease.


Woman- expect a pleasant experience tenderness in the relationship:

-If the cup of a man can mean marriage, a new relationship, infidelity.

Giraffe - advises well considered actions and words and not to speak hastily.

Jockey - speculation of a loved one in order to pass on false information

Acorn - success in the material sphere.

Rabbit - a symbol of the future, but also cowardice and myopia:

-In the middle of the cup - your restless kind can only be envied. You live for the moment.

- Surrounded by dots or lines - must buy purses, because soon will be stuffed with money.

- Along the tree – you are starting something big . Go! But you should be cautious with your relatives. They could hamper your effort.

- Upside down - a sign of your cowardice. Be careful!

Star -sign of freedom, a strong personality:

- Star on the top of the cup - promises longer life, higher society, and more relaxed life too.

- Star surrounded by clouds - your life will be long, however, the elderly will worry about you all the time.

- Star at the feet of a person - do not worry about your health, you have a strong heart!

Dragon - pretty cool character embodies insincere, hypocritical relations clash with treason , people causing trouble

SNAKE - if on the walls of the cup, curled and looks at you without aggression, means wisdom, which you will reach. Possibility to receive new knowledge

-on the bottom - means that you have an enemy. Someone hates you. You havea hidden enemy among the people of the nearest surroundings.

Flag - the symbol of victory actions often associated with money


Needle - warns that you will hear words of someone's success, which may not be too pleasant. It also means admiration of one's actions:

-If pinned to clothing, it means you need to complete the work you started.


Bell - News and cheerful notes associated with small victories:

- Top of the cup - notice of the arrival of man from afar.

- In the middle of the cup or the bottom - will soon overpower your rivals at work.

- Hanging from a tree - your life will be moderate, without sharp turns. At old age, this will bring peace and contentment.

Dagger - danger, conspiracy, try not to make decisions at this point

Fireplace - a symbol of eternal goodness and wealth. Promises cheerful and interesting life.

Camel in the middle of the cup - in the near future luck will smile at you.

-Camel at the bottom if the cup upside down – opens up many doors. Do not miss your opportunities!

Stones- you will encounter difficulties along the way you are on.


Jug - promises well-being and physical health.


Buckle - warns that you are headed towards t a big disappointment, which will surprise you.

Squirrel – you will overcome and forget many difficulties.

Square - a favorable sign. Your life will be appropriate. You will be happy and you will have a lot of money thanks to heritage, and your own hard work. You may be jealous in your love lifeUsually around the square there are initials, they belong to the people who protect you.

Cradle - repressed emotions are displayed by outbreaks.

Kangaroo - family harmony, cohesion.

Whale - if you swim, you're headed in the right direction:

-diving whale - success and opportunity for career advancement at work.

Guitar - promises luck in life or new happy love.

Branch - if no leaves, you will experience disappointment from person to whom you are our hopes

-If it has leaves, you will hear news about the birth of new feeling or new life.


Key - a sign of disappointment, trouble, losses, failures.

-Key at the top of the cup - warns of pitfalls, obstacles in your way, possible scandal. Forgotten secretions and meticulously kept secrets will suddenly come to light

Darker key in the middle of the cup - big fight with relatives.

Darker key in the middle, closer to the hilt - Prepare for the loss of a valuable item. Rather, it will be stolen.

Darker key near the bottom of the cup - promises more and more trouble.

Darker key the entire circumference of the cup - you will grow through your previous dreams .

Key, surrounded by points - will become the owner of a large sum of money.

-Key alongside a cross - your solutions will be unsuccessful due to counteract relatives.


This isn't my work, it's the meanings I have in my BoS and I have gathered them from all over the place, so can't really cite a source. I only translated them in English.

And drink up and enjoy scrying :)

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Nice, thanks for sharing this. I never had considered that people would read coffee, but whatever works for you! Makes sense that someone would do this since it's basically a kind of tea.

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This is (or was) a quite common practice in the South of Italy, and especially in Naples - which is a city that prides itself for rocking at coffee.


The procedure is pretty much the same, but we tend to use the old Neapolitan coffee pot (this one). The pot does have a filter in the middle, but it's one with quite large holes, so the grounded coffee does get into the liquid, somehow akin to the Turkish coffee (although the sludge is much less). Also, it is served in an espresso cup. I saw this done many times, and every time it was different.

Normally, the cup is handled with the left hand and swirled three times to the right, then it is put upside down on the cup plate and turned three times upside down.

Then the sludge is read.


It never was one of my favorite divination methods, but it looks pretty similar to yours!

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It's a very common practice in the countries who were once a part of the Ottoman empire too.
Thanks for your input, Aria - it seems every country has it's own ways of doing things. Very interesting.
P.S. I used to have a pot very similar to this one and I can tell it makes the best coffee! We call it Cuban coffee pot, I don't really know why :)
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I've tried to read dregs of all sorts. I'm garbage at it, all I see is a dirty cup. Maybe I will give coffee another go... I'm a whiz at using coffee as a substrate for sigils and as a potion base, though!

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I'm not very good at it either :) I just have always been fascinated by it and wanted to be good. I don't drink Turkish coffee though, so can't really practice much. I see some shapes, but if an experienced diviner looks at the cup, they usually see a lot more.

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