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Vision of playing cards, struggling with meaning.

Cartomancy Vision Ancestors

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#1 Lulufifi



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Posted 31 January 2016 - 07:26 PM

Last night after inviting by full name and (where I knew it) the name of parents and location they lived for most of their lives my Grandfather's and Great-Grandmother to communicate with me if they wished to build a relationship with me, I had a vision in the space between waking and sleeping. The vision was of a pack of playing cards, facedown. The first card turned over (on its own, not by a hand) and was a king of clubs (of this I am sure, I heard myself thinking it as I saw it) but both the king's robes and the suit were coloured red. This card disappeared and then the next card turned over, but both sides were the same (a generic pattern that is on the back of many playing cards.) I am struggling to find meaning in this, though it has directed me to many books on cartomancy since this morning. I find the timing of the vision after asking my ancestors to communicate with me to be too coincidental (my paternal grandfather often used to play card games with me, not sure how relent this is). Does anyone have any ideas what this could mean or any resources they could point me towards to help me interpret this (or increase my knowledge of cartomancy in general. I am wondering if this vision was telling me at least that it may be something at which I might be skilled)

Many thanks

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#2 Caps



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Posted 03 February 2016 - 06:09 AM

Sometimes dreams have meaning and other times they do not, I've fallen into the trap of chasing stuff like that before, usually getting me nowhere. Typically I would say that it's up to you to interpret your dream. I'd start with the crossover of cards to tarot, king of wands being your culprit. I have never been big into the cards, really only started tinkering with them somewhat recently. I mainly wanted to point out that sometimes in my experience it has nothing to do with the specific card itself but more about the one you couldn't see and the situation in general. I don't know cards nearly as much as I know dreams and I know that they can lead you far down the rabbit hole if you're not careful.
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#3 RapunzelGnome


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Posted 05 February 2016 - 06:12 AM

I agree with Caps. Sometimes a dream is just a dream. And sometimes a dream might have a meaning that is hidden to you until you need the meaning to become clear.

If I can't immediately interpret a dream, but the symbols seem to be significant, I just record it in the best detail I can and then try to move on without dwelling on it too hard. If the cartomancy meaning of the King of clubs means nothing to you now, just keep it in the back of your mind. You may find that later when you are reflecting on your journals down the road, this dreams meaning will help you to reflect on a situation in retrospect.

It is possible that the playing cards in your dream are really just a way of your grandfather communicating that he is watching out for you if it was something you often did together. Or your brain might just be connecting your ancestral veneration to memories.

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