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Star Wars VII

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#1 LostInTheMatrix


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Posted 29 December 2015 - 11:00 PM

I know that "occult" isn't the first word that comes to mind when hearing about this series, but I heard something interesting in regards to the use of "the Force" and witchcraft.

My fiancé is currently reading Dune by Frank Herbert and he was telling me about how in the book there are "witches" known as the Bene Gesserit. They train themselves physically and mentally to gain superhuman abilities, including a power called "Voice". This is where the Bene Gesserit can gain control over someone simply by changing the tone and pace of their voices while giving a command.

In Star Wars, there is a scene where the main female protaganist, Rey, is being contained in a holding cell aboard a First Order ship. She calls to the stormtrooper who is guarding her, and attempts to use the Force to make him unlock her binds and allow her to leave the cell. The stormtrooper eventually obeys hers after she makes her request at a slower rate and in a voice with a higher pitch.

I've never read Dune, so it was my fiancé that brought to my attention the similarity between Rey and the Bene Gesserit. I thought it was pretty cool. Has anyone else been able to link the two together?

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#2 jefftos



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Posted 30 December 2015 - 03:51 AM

There are many parallels between the two stories. And I want to say that Star Wars took a lot of the mystical themes that were first set out by Dune to incorporate into it's story, I don't have anything to back that up it just seems very likely to me as Dune came out first and Star Wars does use a lot of similar themes in its world. I've seen all the Star Wars films but I've only read the first two Dune books within the last two years and the first thing I remember thinking was that Dune is like Star Wars on on an acid trip. Anyway here is a link I dug up that compares the two universes a bit.
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#3 Oroboros


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Posted 30 December 2015 - 03:54 AM

Not familiar with Dune beyond the old movie I think I saw. However, the whole premise the the light and dark balance and the "force" in Star Wars is based on some very ancient esoterica. I used to know more specifics but will have to refresh my memory.

I enjoyed the scenes you are speaking of; it was the come back of "These are not the droids you're looking for."

I think the line that was most pertinent for ME at present was "if you only do what you can, you will always be what you are..." Boy did that ring true. :)

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...From ev’ry depth of good and ill , The mystery which binds me still...— Poe

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Posted 30 December 2015 - 08:30 AM

Dune was released back in the 1960's. I've read the entire series. It's actually about the geopolitical changes that were beginning to happen in the Middle East at the time. "The Spice" that must be kept flowing at all costs is oil. In the book it's the Emperor who sets up puppet governments to rule over melange, as long as they give him his cut. That relates directly back to the Superpower countries at that time doing similar shady things. Underneath it all is the Bene Gesserit, a shadow group whose goal is to produce the Kwisatz Hadarach, or messiah, with the notion of creating him means they will have total control of him. Some say that the parallels are between them and what was the beginning of multinational corporations who control governments behind the scenes. Overall, the first novel in the series is about ecology and about the actions of man trying to shape a landscape that can easily get out of hand, whether for good or bad.

Star Wars is the story that has its setting based in the classics. It's the classic battle of good vs evil. My younger brother once wrote a paper in college comparing it to Arthurian legends and did a fantastic job of it. Of course, Arthurian legends have their basis in older, more ancient legends. I won't go into the details about it but it's easy to figure out who is whom with just a tweak or two.

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