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Let's leave the babies out of this


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This is about a discussion I had with a coworker about the "bay leaf wish"...


I work in a factory where we're required to wear earplugs. The guy I was sitting next to was telling me a story about how some of his friends liked to smoke weed and get naked before practicing witchcraft in the woods. Now, he doesn't know anything about witchcraft or magic unless it has to do with Harry Potter, so I really shouldn't have been surprised when we had this misunderstanding.


(After I tell "John" how to perform the bay leaf wish)


John: So, you just write the wish on the baby?


Me: (I thought he had said "bay leaf") Yeah, you can get them at Wal-Mart.


John: Wal-Mart? But didn't you just have a baby?


Me: Wait, what? Yeah, I did, but what does that have to do with anything?


John: Well, you said you have to burn the leaf after you write the wish on a baby.


Me: No!! I said write the wish on the BAY LEAF and then burn it! Babies have NOTHING to do with it.


John: Oh... I was gonna say... I thought you were renting your baby out to witches to make your wishes come true.


Me: (Dies laughing) I'm glad we cleared up that little miscommunication.


John: Yeah, no kidding. I was really judging you just then. Like, I was judging hardcore.




That was the best conversation I'd had all day.

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That is undeniably funny, enough that I just read it to my daughter. I think my favorite part was his admission that he was "judging you hardcore." :)


Doesn't sound like the type of person that should be having actual spells handed to them though probably, but maybe thats just me.


I'm familiar with Bay being used for divination, protection, and clearing etc.. Is it traditionally used for "wishing" other than this apparently well known spell? I suppose I would think one caters their spell components specifically to WHAT they are wishing for. But, everyone practices differently.

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As far as I know, that is the only spell that uses bay for wishing. Of course, I don't know much about "wishing" spells anyways. This was just one I found on a traditional witchcraft sight. I tried it as my first spell and it worked after I did some tweaking. As for "John", he's a great guy. He's really easy-going and he was very interested in what I had to say. He was just a little concerned when he thought I was passing around my four month old to witches for their spell work lol.

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Haha! Too funny.


I tend to use bay leafs to write on any time that a spell calls for burning a piece of parchment or paper with something written on it (usually when I'm trying to attract something, so essentially yes, a wish). I enjoy the smell and the crackling/sparkling that the leaves make when they burn and I think certain spirits enjoy bay leaves, based on its historical usage at Delphi, etc.



Now babies...that's an ingredient I have yet to try...

Unless eggs count?



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Lol I don't think you sound stupid, and I totally agree with loving the smell of bay leaves. I burn them when I'm trying to focus, and I don't feel bad about using them like I would a baby ;D

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