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Amazonian Style Dieta - Mama Coca


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I recently finished a 10 dieta with Coca. This involved a 7 day preparation diet, then 10 days dieting in isolation during which time I also had 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies, and then another 30 days dieting afterwards which I am about a week into now.


During the entire time I am allowed no sex or sexual activity, no other plant medicines or cannabis or alcohol, no oils, no salt, no spices, no red meat or pork, no sugar and no fermented or preserved foods. During the 10 days of the main dieta I was also in isolation and allowed no media of any kind (no reading, TV or listening to music), not touching (not even a handshake), and my diet got much stricter on what I could eat: basically just plain oatmeal, trout, rice, potato, carrots, green beans and green apples and green bananas (no salt or oils ect added to anything).


People who say plant medicines are all fun and games or just people getting high have no idea what they are talking about... I doubt most people voluntarily commit to regimens this strict. It is a huge sacrifice, but as you will read in my blog post completely worth it for what it offers you.


I learned many lessons and experienced huge growth in this diet. Read the full story here at my blog:


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It's hard, but it is also rewarding. Cant wait to sleep with my wife again lol, going to be so amazing after such a long break!


Since I am in post dieta I get to every once in a while slowly work in new foods. My taste has become so much more sensitive - it's actually really fun when I get to eat something I have been cutting out again!

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Your blog is fantastic. I know I'm late to this thread, but thanks for posting!


Salvia is one I got to "learn" from quite by impulse when much younger. The whole concept of entheogens and allies with plant spirits and, basically everything on that side, I had no idea even existed at this point in time but somehow knew I needed to find it, use it and not for recreational experience either. Just knew when I first heard of it. So I did.

At most I had (certain type of Christian) people telling me anything "mind altering" was demonic (read:evil, you're going to hell) and despite trying to hard to fit in with that belief system at the time, intuition told me differently.

I sure went a few places ;) hell might be used as a descriptor for one or two...

But it did things to me to force me to learn outside of the short blasts out of this reality that it afforded. Ongoing, and very strange things would happen to reinforce it all or require my attention whether I liked it or not. So basically I will never forget that and it makes me sad how this plant has been turned into something bad.


It's now illegal in Canada. I find it hard to believe anyone found it terribly recreational and partied with it the way they claim it's been abused. Really hard to believe lol... Maybe it's affecting others very differently

In any case, it's sad and strange.

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