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Job Magic

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#21 LongGone


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Posted 04 January 2016 - 08:44 AM

I came across a spell last night that said to write wishes on bay leaves and burn them for the wishes to come true. Maybe something like that in conjunction with your other spellcraft? That way you have something specific along with something more about opportunities to influence said situation. Cover all bases type. There was something about it I liked, so I decided to add it to my bag of tricks to try out later.

I would do a prosperity spell containing the following herbs(as many as you can gather together) : basil, bay, clove (strengthens spells), cinnamon, mustard seed, fennel (for confidence), rosemary, strawberry leaf, cedar. And I add some sea salt. Cut herbs up finely and burn them in a brazier or sprinkle them over/ roll them onto a candle. If you do sigil magic carve the appropriate sigils into the wax with the thorn of a rose. Citronella is my favorite for this type of work, but you can use basic white. Burn the candle all the way down. I burn incense usually lavender or sandalwood and a stick of vanilla to draw the spirits. If I'm doing candle magic I place the candle over a covered dish holding coins and a sprig of strawberry. While the incense is burning I meditate on what I am in need of, opportunities, inspiration, wisdom strength in whatever way I could best utilize those things in order to fulfill my needs. I usually spend 15-30 minutes focusing on my spell. Often I get new ideas about how to deal with my situation. When I am feeling more positive about the situation I leave my candle to burn out on its own (safely). Then I work on any inspired ideas, like if you came up with the idea for a new place to put in a CV. If anything positive happens burn a stick of incense for the spirits in thanks. Anyway thats my basic prosperity spell. Maybe you can get some use out of it. I have used it with real success.

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#22 Oohdelally



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Posted 17 July 2016 - 05:59 PM

You can lay them out in the moonlight on the full moon, smudge or sit in salt. Do you cleanse them all together?


I laid them all out together during the last full moon, (thank you for that, btw!) Crystals are not exactly my forte, should I cleanse them separately? I figure if they're going to be working together then I should cleanse them together.

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Yup, just a little bit of pixie dust...

#23 bluelily


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Posted 17 July 2016 - 08:44 PM

I have used Bay Leaves while crafting spells for others many times with great success. I use a green paint or marker and write their name along with job on the leaf, or any other words/symbols that I feel is suited for the spell. I burn herbs as incense that I associate with wealth/working/success/jobs etc, and I light the bay leaf on fire ( sometimes it needs a bit of oil/liquid of your choice to help it burn) and place it in a fire safe dish and I speak the spell, and sit and focus a while until the bay leaf is completely extinguished. You could either put the ashes into a job success bag with other items, or if they are long distance , I find simply blowing the ash outside works as well. 

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#24 NorthernPilgrim


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Posted 18 July 2016 - 09:06 AM

I used a very simple pin and candle spell to find my current job. You know, curve your desire on a candle and mark it into several parts with pins and anoint oil and whatnot. A user in another job thread mentioned this procedure is especially good when you've been stuck in a situation, like unemployment, for long, and my experience made me agree with her.


Just be very careful about what you ask. The job you think you want may not be as good as you thought. A vacancy that's right for you may take time to appear (or, in my case, to be created). 

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