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The Black Book of the Jackal


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I received a first edition copy of this book from a friend. It is a quick read but very insightful. It was written by Roger Williamson. I have never heard of any other works of his but I will have to look more into it.

This book has been described as " A navigational guide for travel within The Ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead"


It starts out with a guided meditation full of dark and beautiful imagery. It gives step by step instructions on a few banishing/invoking rituals but my favorite part of the book is the authors little insights through out. "We are a part of life and if we are to be true mediums of its desire for experience we will not cling to our achievements but will burn them up with our passion to obtain more diverse adventures." Found on page 16 of the text.


It beautifully lays out correspondences with the Kabbalah which admittedly is a new area for me. This read is very short and sweet but worth it.



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