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Superstitions for witches

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#21 Leighqt


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Posted 30 December 2016 - 03:09 PM

Ears burning someone's talking about you
Throwing salt over left shoulder
Be wary of those who the dogs don't like
Always buy heather from a Gypsy
Never cross a Black cats path
A horse shoe is lucky

I had a Bird do its business on my head , i didn't consider myself lucky , haha

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#22 PrimalWitch


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Posted 31 December 2016 - 12:38 AM

I think these are just folk superstitions (my grandmom was baptist and didn't believe in witches/magic) but she did grow up on an orchard farm in good ole Transylvania County (Brevard) North Carolina lol.  So here's a few superstitions I remember learning from her growing up.


-if your right palm itches, money is coming to you.

-If you dream of pigs, money is coming to you.  (too bad owning a pet pig didn't count lol)


my grandmother had this to say about black cats: If it's walking towards you it's a good luck sign, if its walking away its a bad luck sign.  She always said a black cat crossing your path doesn't mean anything except its trying to get from one place to another haha!  Oh and this belief was really only particular to her but it's based on her experiences: if she had a dream/nightmare that someone died, she'd discover not long afterwards that they would be pregnant (or if it was a guy-he impregnated someone).  But if she dreamed that someone was going to have a baby, that person or someone close to them would die soon after. 


The following might be Korean folklore???  The few memories I have as a small child while visiting my mom and her family were some of the beliefs they had such as:


-placing a mirror so that it's in front of a door/doorway is a bad idea because it keeps good luck from entering the room.

-if you place your bed directly in the line of sight of your bedroom window to your bedroom door, evil spirits could steal your soul as it passes through your room.

-Keeping a fan running during the night while you sleep is deadly if you don't have a door or window open at least a crack. That one i remember from my aunt accusing my mom of endangering me with when I was visiting one summer.  I apparently endanger my life every night with this one since I almost always have a fan on while sleeping lol.

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#23 BeanSiFiain


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Posted 05 March 2018 - 03:11 PM

A witch will smash their egg shells after use, as another witch may get half the egg shell and use to harm them or kill them.
Peacock feathers or ornaments in the home are bad luck.
Plaster of Paris ornaments in the home are bad luck.
New shoes on the table portends a death
A picture falling from the wall for no apparent reason portends a death.
Bird smashing in to a window portends a death.
Breaking a cobweb good luck.
To have clinging ivy growing on your home brings good luck.
If a cat sits before your front door and washers behind its ears,a visitor will cross your threshold.
Silver rings around the moon, rain in three days.
Always dip your new candles in salt water and let dry,as someone may have touched them in the store and have there vibe in them.
I have watched a lot of superstition stuff over the years and some of it is true.


Clinging ivy is where some of the others, often referred to as fairies (in various spellings, and some believe it is bad luck even to refer to them as such) live, and they have a tendency toward mischief and chaotic play. Most people who carry this belief strip the ivy down to discourage them from living at ones home, however some will attempt to appease the little guys (whether in hopes of blessings or simply peaceful coexistence) but they are fickle folk and may take adverse actions at any time. The Gaelic Celts that believed in these folk would steer clear of them lest the folk lay some curse at their feet. 


A lot of my family superstitions deal with death omens...

Bird in the house predicts a death. Seeing an owl predicts a death. Put a hat on the bed? Someone gon' die. My grandma would slap an umbrella out of someone's hand before letting them open it indoors. Don't whistle while you're peeing cuz that'll bring bad luck (although I'm pretty sure she just said that because it annoyed her when the boys would whistle in the bathroom).



Clean the soles of your shoes before leaving the cemetery or the ghosts will follow you home. Never sit or stand on a grave or tomb because that is disrespectful. Never look back as you leave a gravesite. Always dress up to visit the cemetery even if you only are there to pick up trash. Never bring anything home from a grave site. Don't whistle or sing at a grave site unless you are burying somebody. These are just some of the prohibitions my family taught me. They really did have me pegged from birth. Is it still superstitious when you know exactly what the reason is?

Im glad you brought the cleaning the shoe one up!!! id forgotten about that one!

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Braggart by nature,    just like nature..

#24 Jewels



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Posted 21 March 2018 - 09:00 PM

Spilled Salt over shoulder to prevent bad luck.
Breaking a mirror gives 7 years bad luck.
Falling broom means visitors are coming.
Bells on doors to ward off bad spirits.
Knock on wood to keep the things you say from becoming reality.
Never take your old broom to a new house, leave your old dirt behind to start a new life.
A bird flying into a window is a bad sign.
A bird in the house means the death of someone you love.
Bad things come in threes.
Black cat crossing your path, good for witches, bad for non.
Ring around moon means rain.
Always leave the earth a gift when taking from it.
Thank the spirit of an animal that you kill.
Waste not want not, to an extreme.
If you throw away money you will experience poverty, literally like as in put a penny in the trash and you might lose your job.
Piles of pregnancy superstitions

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#25 Holdasown


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Posted 22 March 2018 - 12:56 PM

I keep my brooms bristles up and sweep from the walls/doors to the middle of the room to keep luck from leaving the broom and room. 

Dreams of death mean a pregnancy or baby. 

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#26 Zombee


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Posted 22 March 2018 - 04:08 PM

Tell the bees in your garden when you are making a change. This is one I hold to.
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#27 witchinplainsight


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Posted 22 March 2018 - 09:15 PM

Lots of these in our family too :) (Ireland)


- Greet magpies, request no bad luck in our house. One for sorrow, two for joy etc

- Money spiders are good luck / bring money but only if you let them safely outside

- Salt over the left shoulder

- Never walk under a ladder

- No umbrella up in the house

- Buy heather from a gypsy. In fact, generally keep gypsies happy!

- Black cats lucky if they are heading your way, not good if they cross your path or walk away.

- A healthy respect for fairy trees

- Never turn your back on the sea

- Apple peel tossed for lovers initial

- Getting the coin in the Halloween barmbrack is good luck


I love ivy and will never let my husband cut back the ivy on our house. To me it is very protective as well as beautiful. I use it in my boundary protections too.

I always greet the moon, especially the full moon.

I have iron in strategic places and I dry herbs and have protective bundles.

Sea water is powerful / useful for just about everything. Paddling or swimming in sea water cures loads of things.


There are loads more. We're a superstitious island :)

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#28 BeanSiFiain


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Posted 22 March 2018 - 11:00 PM



There are loads more. We're a superstitious island :)

indeed! tell me more, witchinplainsight!

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Braggart by nature,    just like nature..

#29 Onyx


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Posted 21 May 2018 - 08:00 PM

The rings around the moon one has actually been proven true scientifically. Cirrus clouds typically show up a few days before a storm, and they float up above every other cloud at around 20,000 feet. They are very thin, so they are very hard to see. The way they are spread out, the water/ice in them floating around up in the air refracts light in a way that makes it look like there is a halo or ring around the moon or sun. The halos are seen more often around the moon, just because it is much easier to look at the moon than it is to look at the sun.


They are called Moon Dogs and yes, they mean rain.  So do Sun Dogs.

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#30 Onyx


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Posted 21 May 2018 - 08:11 PM

OMG, I love these sayings, most of them I have heard before.  I must admit that I have a thing for Horseshoes, one year I silver leafed a horseshoe for each of my friends to give at Yule.  I included a sprig of White Heather for Good Luck.  They were a big success.

Another British (Scottish) custom is to gift a new Bride a Horseshoe for luck and fertility.  Fertility because the horseshoe is the same shape as the Crescent Moon.

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#31 Phaedra


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Posted 22 May 2018 - 12:13 PM

Not sure if they're especially witchy, folksy, or if these two things just go hand in hand by default, but I'm leaning towards the latter and throwing what I grew up on and can still recall:

  - Walking the length of a crack attracts the Devil's attention

  - Letting spiders safely out of the house brings financial luck

  - Greet the moon, whether you see her or not; you'll live more happily

  - Walking backwards over running water will break an unlucky streak

  - Salting your food before you taste it will spoil the hour to come

  - A mirror in the bedroom invites trouble at night

  - Burning the remainder of the Christmas tree during New Years celebration lays grudges to rest



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