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Superstitions for witches

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#21 Leighqt


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Posted 30 December 2016 - 03:09 PM

Ears burning someone's talking about you
Throwing salt over left shoulder
Be wary of those who the dogs don't like
Always buy heather from a Gypsy
Never cross a Black cats path
A horse shoe is lucky

I had a Bird do its business on my head , i didn't consider myself lucky , haha

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#22 PrimalWitch


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Posted 31 December 2016 - 12:38 AM

I think these are just folk superstitions (my grandmom was baptist and didn't believe in witches/magic) but she did grow up on an orchard farm in good ole Transylvania County (Brevard) North Carolina lol.  So here's a few superstitions I remember learning from her growing up.


-if your right palm itches, money is coming to you.

-If you dream of pigs, money is coming to you.  (too bad owning a pet pig didn't count lol)


my grandmother had this to say about black cats: If it's walking towards you it's a good luck sign, if its walking away its a bad luck sign.  She always said a black cat crossing your path doesn't mean anything except its trying to get from one place to another haha!  Oh and this belief was really only particular to her but it's based on her experiences: if she had a dream/nightmare that someone died, she'd discover not long afterwards that they would be pregnant (or if it was a guy-he impregnated someone).  But if she dreamed that someone was going to have a baby, that person or someone close to them would die soon after. 


The following might be Korean folklore???  The few memories I have as a small child while visiting my mom and her family were some of the beliefs they had such as:


-placing a mirror so that it's in front of a door/doorway is a bad idea because it keeps good luck from entering the room.

-if you place your bed directly in the line of sight of your bedroom window to your bedroom door, evil spirits could steal your soul as it passes through your room.

-Keeping a fan running during the night while you sleep is deadly if you don't have a door or window open at least a crack. That one i remember from my aunt accusing my mom of endangering me with when I was visiting one summer.  I apparently endanger my life every night with this one since I almost always have a fan on while sleeping lol.

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