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Glamour & Witchcraft

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#1 2spiritwitch



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Posted 04 September 2015 - 09:23 PM

A few years back, I came upon an awesome recipe for an oil that made you more sexy and inclined others to have sex with you. Every time I use this potion, I have an amazingly wonderful night, and whenever I give it to someone else, they experience similar results. I was genuinely surprised by this because I found the recipe on a rather cheesy video, but, nonetheless, it works, so I don't quibble.

My success with this formula over the years has led me to look for other effective grimoires, books, rituals, or spells focused on glamour. Unfortunately, there is a lot more bad material out there than there is reputable stuff. Does anyone know where I might begin doing some research into the more reputable sources for good material on glamour?

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#2 Levinthross


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Posted 11 November 2016 - 12:29 PM

bump: i dont know of any books per say that go into glamour however ive learned quite the thing or two from elementals especially water elementals on how to distort how you are perceived and from other beings on how to cast illusions or warp the perception of others. the few spirits i woud readily call upon for a sort of mentorship about this would be melusine and la sirene, or you could take a mirror bless it in whatever manner feels good for you and as you gaze on yourself hold the image of your body in your mind and alter it accordingly then project the image outward with energy almost like using a soft lens.

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#3 RapunzelGnome


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Posted 11 November 2016 - 09:15 PM

Newly single after ten years of marriage (and a celibate year in the bag) I, cough, ahem, cough, would be interested to know about the recipe 2spiritwitch was referring too. Lol! Don't supposed anyone knows what the cheesy video referred to might be.

Or something with similar success?

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#4 Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon

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Posted 12 November 2016 - 04:07 AM

Don't know which one it might be, but take a looky here (first time I ever looked this up...I swear. I guess, just look for the cheezyest one, LOL.


https://www.google.c... potion&tbm=vid

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#5 Onyx


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Posted 30 May 2018 - 08:53 PM

Here is an example of a Glamour Spell.
On the morning of May Day, wash your face in the dew from a Lilac Tree, I do that and then shake the tree so the dew showers over my entire body.
You will be beautiful for the entire year.

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#6 NatureMama


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Posted 28 June 2018 - 10:09 PM

This is interesting!  I had always read about glamours being mental exercises/projections not actually physical oils or something you apply to yourself to have the glamour. This is pretty timely because I just made up another little jar of homemade foundation powder and I was just thinking I should put a glamour on it to give it a bit of a boost.

 In the past I have always just used my focused intention to glamour myself, give my skin a clearer, glowingness or slightly change my eye color or something. Now I think I'll go look up some glamour recipes for some ideas. B)

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#7 Ozman


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Posted 29 August 2018 - 01:18 PM

This is very interesting, and if it makes me more appealing why not, I'll have to look into it. 

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#8 Onyx


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Posted 30 August 2018 - 06:35 PM

I think this is a Glamour Spell, I call it
Ignite the Fire Spell.
1 Red Candle
Sanndlewood Incense
Full Moon
Goddess Venus
Light the Red Candle annointed with Cyprus oil and the insense
Ask for blessing and recite these words:

"Give me beautiful eyes to see my loves
Give me beautiful hair to twirl around
Let my lips be shiney and full
Let my neck glitter with gold
My bosom with a rosey blush
Let my arms be graceful
My hands be smooth and clean
Give me supple hips to sway as I walk
Let each leg move with ease
My feet clean and polished
To swing in the breeze as I sit down
Let each word I utter be soft and sultry
Let me look like love.
So mote it be!"
It sure worked for me, enjoy!

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#9 Ravenshaw


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Posted 30 August 2018 - 07:16 PM

My most recent glamour workings:

After washing my face but before applying anything, I warm up my hands and breathe to center. I cover my face in my hands and imagine them pushing a glimmering veil over my skin. 


"Let them see what they must see,

To see what they think is the best of me,

To give me sway and gain their trust,

Be it power, confidence, kinship or lust"


I repeat it with each layer of face cream or makeup, and also with hairstyle (doesn't have to be complicated makeup!)


If I'm using this before something like an interview, I say it again outside the venue and feel that veil cloaking me again. One of many reliable glamours I use. 


#10 Onyx


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Posted 31 August 2018 - 06:12 PM

Nice one, Ravenshaw!
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#11 witchinplainsight


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Posted 20 November 2018 - 08:22 PM

Just saw that Ravenshaw love it!
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