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Made me laugh


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LMAO I read on another trad forum about someone trying to invent a new traditional phrase for Wicca .. I know the folks on this other forum were getting antsy with so many new members joining and using somewhat Wiccany sayings .. anyway while trawling the internet seeking spiritual enlightenment I came across this site and had to share





Merry Eat, Merry Fart, Merry Eat Again


Blessed Bean :rofl:


That just tickled me and thought I'd share :cool:

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Greetings Droghon


Damn you and your merry laughing funny type joke show - you force my hand!! Stop me before I joke again! lol


*To the Tune of - I wish I was a Punk Rocker by Sandi Thom*


Well I know I'm not a New-Ager with Crystals everywhere.

I don't still go to University or see fairies everywhere.

I've just accepted fate; under George's frosty stare.

So I guess I'm not a New-Ager with Crystals everywhere!


My religion, it ain't that bizarre - cause I never wanna work that hard.

My gods are always there and they'll tell me - anything.

I sure don't need a lot of friends and I sure won't wear no plastic wings!

And my life is never based on any Harry Potter thing!


And I am not a Sa-tan-ist with a shiny head to shave.

I don't wanna wear no new black suit or even live inside a cave!

I did once hang with some, but eventually I gave,

So I guess I'm not a Satanist - cause I got too much hair!


Where reality stills remains a myth, And ignorance - the only bliss.

Where Gods are sometimes seen but never heard from anymore.

Where moms and dads still act like teens - And all is based on last night's dream.

And nothing really seems to grow from any bodies balls!


And I don't wanna be a Wiccan boy, with a rede to make me care .

I won't dance in circles no no way and not while they all stare!

I got no purple velevet - tight 'cross my derriere.

So I guess I'm not a Wiccan boy with goth inspired hair!


When all the foolishness does stop, and to the ground the dullards flop.

And someone out there really wants to know somethin' real.

Then I might even start to talk, and perhaps even not be balked.

And tell them just how they could really make the pieces fit.


Well I am not from the OTO with tools to weigh me down.

No egregore in enochian - or way too serious frown,

I don't talk to angels - no. And I don't know no Hebrew.

So I guess I'm not from the OTO with a Freemasonic gown!


I am just a simple witch and I guess it's just as well.

That I am no New-Ager - with Crystals everywhere!





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Greetings All


Well I actually really like the actual song ... although I'll admit to still being a tad puzzled about flowers in a punk's hair ... from memory none of my friends did .. but I digress ...


I find a lot of people are way too serious (or to correct that - BELIEVE that they are) about some things and as a result miss the damn point entirely. I suspect that I shall be hearing mutterings from some of them sooner or later over those words as I have put them in a couple of places so far. Perhaps that is the best joke of all - that some of those most placed to benefit from such satire won't! *BG*


All told however, as I generally have no a great deal of talent for lyricism I will say I was proud of that one! lol





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Sometimes we have to have humor as a main element in our lives or else how could we possibly explain the meaning of life sometimes other than "Shit just happens?" LOL!

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Guest WickedStitch

Having a humorous outlook, no matter how demented it may be, can be a VERY useful coping mechanism in this life. Sometimes it is all that one can get by and move forward on.

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