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Into the Depths

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 02:46 AM

I wrote this a few years ago and happened to tweak it a bit tonight and though i'd share it. There is a story contained within the verses and a sacred place that might be entered. But it is presented not for those reason but simply because I though the collective you might enjoy it.

Into the Depths

I stand before the hard rock wall, with space behind and room to fall
Winds they blow on beaten face; they carve a niche into the place
Before me lies the barren face but deep inside the hidden space
Down below in secret hue, the pillars rise to mark the view
Like webs they reach into the core, the tunnels drop into the floor
Yet time it hides illusions pace, decent unknown in its great haste
Down and down the passage goes, deeper and deeper the fiber flows

On beaten path the feet must fall, upon black walls the echoes crawl
Spiral and wind the passage drops, like bands of green moss marks the spot
Many a leg and passage to into the depths it all runs too
At last it opens on one great hall, the floor worn smooth from passages fall
High above the cap so tight, it hides in shadows from flickers light
With barren fang and broken tooth, a jagged maul reveals its truth
Eyes unseen to mark the spot, a royal chamber above the pot

Cat and dragon do mark the spot, 7 plus 7 is not allot
7 before and 7 across, too few to count yet not a loss
A ring surrounds with seating too, provides a house for 14 to view
High above in shadowed gloom, the eyes look out across the room
Down below the pillar stand, 7 fangs to set the risen plan
7 is the magic place, 7 pillars to mark the place
7 steps the floor does raise, 7 faces peer above the light
7 more the eyes do see, 7 of 7 to make 14

And there before the pillars rise, the flame is born before the eyes
Around a great circle the heat does dance, about the circle the flame does prance
The flame is all that you can see A glow cast forth for you and me
Flash and crack with snaps galore, the flame it dances upon the floor
Smoke it creeps and flutters about, to rise until it fills the mouth
Images and shapes they dance within, yet no form falls from without or within
Heat it rises from that great place, yet no heat to fall upon the face

Across the back behind the teeth the pool it forms ignoring the heat
A ripple and drip they fall from space, they strike the floor with hard embrace
Dark across its face serene, yet depths remain from sight unseen
Spreading arc and fingers strong, it wraps the back and takes on form
No sound it makes upon the place, no ripple to reveal what lies beneath its face
Deep into the recess a spot so dark, the edge is lost to even a spark

Look you now behind your place; look to see the holes the walls embrace
Many a spot and passage to, all bring here this point of view
Some rise up and some fall down, but all lets out upon this ground
Air is fresh and filled with wind, others are damp and dirt smells in
All are old through beaten time; All are smooth with beaten line
All are worn from time before; All have opened onto this floor
All who come from out in space, all arrive before this place

Dragon Lord and Cat lord too, they all observe all you do
7 of cat they line the place, 7 of dragon before their face
Up on high they sit in wait, awaiting you arrival before their fate
Towards the flame and pillars to, they call you forth their job to do
Rise on ramp above the floor, you find yourself on 7 more
Down below the sight sinks in, 7 on 7 again and again
7 hold hands raised on high, they lift you up like you could fly

But tarry not long in your deep view, the chasm is deep and lost to you
Spread and spread it goes much wider, with 7 before and 6 beside her
Look you now about the place, see 6 that stand before your face
Equal space they stand from you, on level path the 7 are true
One of 7 your are to be, 1 above with 7 beneath your feet
Called you were from times great past, a charge is yours the hand does pass
Taken before the spot to be one of the groups you are to be.

Above you in the darken spot 14 faces look out a lot
7 are cat its feline true, 7 draconian from dragon blood too
In your mind your hear their voice, no lips are moved no choirs rejoiced
Before them all you stand so still, above you ranked the 14 peel
One will call upon your place, one will teach from their high place
Cat or Dragon your guide will be, above them all some others do see
Perhaps chosen in your tight spot, a grand lord will pull the knot

High above in sheltered grace there rests the mighty so join great race
Teachers they are from dawns birth time, teachers to teach they have the time
A lesson is passed from mind to mind; you learn your lesson in rapid time
For me the lesson was given too, a dragon lord and cat lord too
Golden dragon with scales so bright, white cat to blaze the night
Yellow eyes to peer within, green eyes to blaze again and again
Teachers they are and called to me, a lesson in private that I must see

Many a time to this place I’ll be, many a night down here I’ll see
Years will pass with flowing time; Years will pass to mark the line
Lessons of earth and power too, some of the things that I’ll teach too
Here before the flaming spot, here before the council lot
Here before the teacher’s grace, here before the subjects place
Here before the ancient race, here I come to take my place

Here before time began here my ancestors swore their plan
Here before the fire bright, here my ancestors swore out to the night
Here before the pillar height my ancestors swore to die to live to fight
Promise they made and placed on me down through the blood the promise would be
Promise they made and swore to keep, Promise I hold before my feet
Promises they made to guard the gate, promise of life to give or take
A promise was given at birth of time, a promise I keep now down the line

Copy Write to Carl (CPB) aka MonSnoLeeDra original creation 4/10/2010 revision 5/14/2015 all rights reserved

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 04:45 AM

Monsno- this is absolutely wonderful!!!
Have you ever shared anything like this before on TW? I ask because I don't recall ever seeing you post a piece of writing, artwork, etc., especially something of such a personal nature, on here.

I feel like I'm peering into and even getting to share a bit, a very personal and/or sacred experience.

P.S. You might wanna copyright that. :wink:

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I see you're getting your degree in art of the obvious~myself
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#3 Guest_monsnoleedra_*

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 06:33 AM

I don't share to many of them but I've shared a couple of them on TW in the past. While I am oath bound for many things or experienced things I tend to speak of it or hide it in my stories and such though never fully come out and speak plainly in that regard. Been told many times that's the Shamanic influence of teaching and guiding via story and lore upon my pathwalk. I added a copy write line to the post but really been so long since I messed with copy write that not sure just what to do anymore to protect it.
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Posted 15 May 2015 - 06:46 AM

A couple of others people might enjoy. Though I had shared these but do not find them in the archives.


The lonely Warriors of Lakeside

For many a year have I watched the lonely warriors of lakeside as they stood their tireless watch. Over summer’s heat and winter’s cold, through spring’s rains and fall’s bluster, they’ve stood there. Through the deep dark of night and brightness of day, from twilight to daybreak have they stood their vigil. Against time and foe have they stood their watch, young and old as one.

Yet I wonder, what front or castle do they guard? Around what perimeter do they stand so stead fast? Is it the land they stand guard against or is it the water they stand before? Over time have many a footfall echoed about their line and many a step have I taken about their perimeter. Yet for all my investment I know not what they guard against or stand to protect. Those that form this army of lonely warriors that stand at lakeside!

Like solders of some forgotten army they stand firm and proud. Yet if you look to their ranks the ages have taken a great toll upon the upright warriors. I wonder if they notice their ranks have withered over time? Do you suppose they can see the far side and notice the empty spaces where companions once stood? Do you think they sense the battle that is won on one front only to suffer great causalities on another?

Do they notice their feet in the muck and mire of the shore side? Do they notice the water that has risen to their knee’s and lies about their ranks? Do they see or feel the invaders that have taken foothold during their vigil? Do they see the new recruits; green and small, rising up to take the place of a fallen hero? Do the younger ones notice the brown and faded splendor of their comrades in arms? Do the old warriors notice the new recruits who rise to fill in the empty gaps in their lines?

Oh ancient warrior do you feel the wind upon your shoulders? Do you feel the rain and snow as it bends you before the weight of its onslaught? Do you remember the sun of youth that blazed upon your form, once strong and limber? Do you feel the pull of time upon your limbs and the pull of gravity upon you?

How I have marveled at your steadfastness in duty. I have stood amazed at the broken bodies that line the perimeter, bent and crushed beneath the boot of time and hand of man. I’ve stood in comptemplation of the vastness of your reach and the depth of your lines of battle. I’ve seen you in the cove where you stand ten deep and upon the open run where you are but a few. I’ve seen you along the shoreline where your numbers are many, places where your numbers no longer exist.

I’ve noticed with sorrow the points where your warrior comrades where pulled from the ground, their legs torn and broken and tossed upon a lonesome shore. Bloodied stumps and points where bodies have left their grim reminder of battle. Points where victory is heralded in numbers and mass and points where defeat is marked in ruin and destruction.

I’ve looked upon your staffs that rise like ancient spearheads, so straight and pointed. I marveled at the spear shafts that lie bent and broken while others stand straight and pointed. Like picket fences do they run on and on, row upon row. Like solders at the parade ground do you hold your arms to the sky and stand at the ready. Yet do you notice those that no longer can hold their spear skyward, those whose spear shafts have bent and bowed?

Yet no drums beat to your order, no flutes play your herald. No banners do blow in the breeze overhead nor do any pennets flutter upon your staffs. No arms of house and host stand before you nor do they tower above you to give your glory to those that observe from afar. Yet stand you do, still in your order and ranks!

Yet you proud warriors stand in rank and file against the tides of time. Your battle field sunken beneath the waves or upon the sunken and damp or dry ground. Battle lines and trench work from numerous encounters and forays mark the land to show your advance and retreat. Spear heads dot the land to mark the point where they fell and broke open upon the land.

Yet be not remorseful for I shall remember you. I shall remember the sound of the winds as they blew through your ranks and rustled your spearheads. I shall recall with pleasure the sight of your mighty armies stretching about the perimeter you stood so steadfast to protect. I shall remember the glory of your victories and the sadness of your defeats.

Yes, you lonely warriors of lakeside you shall be remembered in my mind and upon my writings. I shall remember you even when the lakeside has given way to your opponents and you no longer stand your vigil. I shall remember the dignity of your strength and the passion of your weakness.

When all that remains to give color to you is the red tipped black birds upon your spear shafts, shall I look favorably upon you. When water turtle lie upon the mantle of your fallen comrades shall I look favorably upon you. When the bullfrogs leap between your ranks shall I look favorably upon you.

When all that remains are memories of my youth and times gone by shall I look favorably upon you, even if only in my memories!

And if I am skilful enough perhaps others may even know of whom I speak! Yes I speak of those cattails that stand in silent vigil on their watery shoreline.

Copyright 4 February 2009, Carl (Monsnoleedra)

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#5 Guest_monsnoleedra_*

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 06:48 AM

I was the Standard bearer!

Oh pray tell me where are all the banners and bugles now? The night is quiet and death walks the land yet I can not scream nor cry out though the pain wracks my body. Please tell me oh fates, where are the lights of day and the brightness of the rising sun that shone upon me but hours ago? Yes mere hours though time now stands loss to me in its procession.

Yes, cold seeps into my limbs, limbs once heated with warmth of life. The ground feels wet beneath me as the blood seeps from my broken body. Strange I find it how the ground once so hard and hot suddenly feels so cold against the burning in my body. In amazement I find it sadly funny as each gasp of air fills my lungs but burns so deeply as I struggle to take it in. Oh how it burns with each breath and the blood bubbles and foams. That foul copper taste lingering upon my lips with each exhale, and seeping into my stomach with each inhale.

Still, Did you see us but a few hours ago? Oh what a magnificent site as we stood before the field. Row upon row of bristling banners, bugles crackling their notes into the heavy air, the morning sun as it reflected off the many bayonets. Yes I do decree, we were a magnificent army moving forward across the land. Even as I lay here I can still hear and feel the steady thump; thump; thump of our feet on the ground, shacking from the mass of our numbers.

My feet did hurt but the pain was ignored as the call to arms sounds. With vigor of step and deep-seated pride I hurried to my spot. Oh how proud was the day I was chosen to hold the most holy of all things, the regimental banner. Yes, can you believe it; me of all people, chosen to hold it high and never let it fall to the ground. Chosen for bravery and honor to my Corps and all it stood for. Yes rush I must for the call sounds and the holy position wait's my arrival.

Can you hear the drums? They beat so loudly that one barely hears the orders and bugle calls above them. So gather we do, yet I can’t but wonder at what sights the boys shall see upon the field today. Many to young to be called to arms but too proud and strong to ignore the call so they do answer proudly. Yes they stand so proud and step-beat their rhythm into the morning mist.

About me do the men gather and cheer their call upon the day. Yes, rank upon rank was formed, row upon row as they stretched across the field. How many stood behind I do not know for I neither turn to look nor listened hard to hear. No, I was the Standard Bearer, the one who stood forward upon the field. I could never look behind for all eyes looked to me upon the field.

Soon, yes soon shall we begin to move as the tide upon the foreign shore! The Corp is ready and formed; The Officers stand before the ranks; the men stand tall and erect their weapons held high upon the shoulder. Yet I can not marvel at their ranks for I listen to the bugle and it’s notes now. Yet I am ready, I have no fear for I am strong and chosen for this honor above all others. Into the tempest shall I step briskly and lead the charge!

Soon the cannon’s start to bark, their armament whistling in the air above us as the swords are drawn and the rifles charged. Upon the far shoreline do I see the eruptions of smoke and dirt as debris sails into the air from each impact. Yes my pulse races as I watch the sight before my eyes. Sights no man should see but still sights that fill us with energy for we know that soon we shall go upon the hill and charge the rampart. At the march shall we step out then to the quick march shall we go until it is time to double time and charge the wall.

Yes it is time! Forward we advance upon and cross over the grassy plain. Each rank advances forward and steps out gingerly to the march, a tide of men moving to crash upon the far mounts and breaks. Above me the standard flaps in the wind, caught in the fluttery beat, normally heavy to hold yet it carries no weight and is not heavy at all in my hands today.

Forward we move a precision instrument of men and weapons at the march. The men hold formation and move forward with a steady stride for we have a long way to go today. Strange I suddenly think the air is filled with many things but the air is so silent and heavy upon me this day. I see the explosions of our cannon on the hill but I no longer hear it pass overhead nor detonate before me. Even the bugs that now kick up the grass and dirt before me are quiet. Yet forward we march.

Soon the blossom of their cannon forms a smoky line upon the high ground before me. Like puffs of blackened cotton do they appear, only to start floating away. Yet though I see each puff, I hear nothing for I must carry the standard and keep it high for all to see. Strange is it not how the heart pounds in the ears, as all else is quiet upon the way. No wind to kiss the face and cool the skin this day. No all that is here is the heat and sweat upon my brow.

Ah the bugs rising from the grass are heavy today. They kick up all over the ground and one hears them buzz as they rise up about us or pass us by. Still, they must be biting terribly for I hear men swear and scream from their bite behind me. Yet we are professionals, we close up ranks and keep moving towards our foe. Still I wonder why the clouds seem to be hanging so heavy upon their lines today. A ground fog that should have been burnt away by the rising sun already.

Bitten! Yes one of the blasted bugs bit me. Oh how it burns! A fire in my side burns so brightly now. It wasn’t there a moment ago but now burns so deeply. I think I must be sweating very badly for I can now feel the water seep down my side as it cools a bit. Still I must ignore the burn and keep moving for I am the standard bearer and all look to me. Pushing forward I go ahead, step after step though each grows harder with each passing second. I wonder why I am suddenly so tired. Damn but the bugs are bad today.

Forward men forward to the wall they scream. Forward men hold your line, keep moving, tighten up the ranks, and close up those holes. Strange it all seems so far away now. Yes I hear the words but something is wrong for men now begin to pass me by as they double time it to the front. Yet my standard begins to grow heavy in my hands and difficult to keep it up. I must dig deep for it is my honor and privilege to carry it. Yet the bugs tear at it though I try to hold them at bay.

Ugh the taste of dust and dirt in my mouth. That was a big bug that time I think. It kicked up the dirt and grass all about me. Wait why am I on my knees I wonder. Why am I looking at the men coming towards me now instead of looking the other way? Why am I on the ground? I must get up, must raise the standard so all can see. I took the oath to keep it high; to raise it so all might see it flutter in the wind. Please God I ask, give me the strength to get up.

Wait where is it? Looking around I see it upon the ground and wonder whose hand is holding it as it lies there? Dear God please do not let it be mine I pray. Please God help me get up and raise the banner high. I have to raise it on high. I know I reached out for it but why can’t I grasp it? Don’t let me fail I pray you, not today not upon this place where so many are counting upon me.

Oh I hurt so much and it is so hard to breathe. “Mother please help me” I speak, though she can not hear me. A realization coming over me I speak “God please grant that I may see my loving wife once again. Please I do not want to die. Let me live and I promise I shall change.”

But my attention is shifted as I watch my banner float across the field. Wait who now holds the standard I wonder? Yes! Hold it high and keep it before the men I scream. Go! Go to the breaks and crush their line. Do not let it fall!

I think just give me a minute to rest and I shall be back to take it. I’m just so tired at the moment I think I’ll just rest here a minute. Yes just a minute should do it. Lying there I think, look at the boy’s go forward. Yes the ranks are holed and there is some missing, yes that I can see.

Wait where are they now? Where are the bugles and calls? Where have the boys all gone? Even as I ask those questions I begin to wonder why is it so cold here upon the ground? It is so hard to breathe and my side burns so badly. Yet I wonder, Where did everyone go? The ground feels so hard beneath me yet I can not grasp so much as a handful. Yes I struggle to rise yet my body does not respond to my commands. I wonder why is it so dark? It’s only mid-morning and the sun is bright upon the field.

I wish I could feel the sun’s heat now but it is so cold. Looking about I see the hand is still there but why does it not move? Why is it so far from me? I vaguely recall it is my hand. If I could only roll over on my other side to see what is holding me from moving. Why don’t my legs move? I scream as loud as I can yet nothing comes out. Why are their bubbles when I try to speak I wonder? I can not be hurt! No I am just tired, I will just rest here a moment and then I will be able to see what is wrong.

In a moment I am standing and the pain is gone. I turn to look about and happen to look down. Wait, “whose body is that lying there?” Please it can’t be mine. “Please dear God don’t let it be mine,” I cry. But he does not answer my cry and all I can think is Dear God NO!

With tears in my eyes and darkness enveloping me I can only think, I’m so sorry my wife for I shall never see you again. But please understand I was the standard bearer and was chosen above all other’s for the honor and prestige of carrying it into battle.

copyright 8/29/2010 to Carl (CPB) aka MonSnoLeeDra

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 06:53 AM

The Spirit of Tree's

In recent weeks I have seen a great number of posts dealing with guides and such. In a great many of them the poster is asking for information on how to talk to or understand what that particular guide is saying to us. One thing that has stuck out from most of these post is the assumption that the guides are animals only.

Now Spirit takes many forms and guises to teach us. While the animal kingdom holds many things it seems sad that so many other areas appear to be undervalued or even over looked. One area that seems to be highly de-valued is the Tree. The tree is perhaps one of the easiest and most readily available guides available to each and every one of us.

The tree is symbolic of the very life we embody. Just as each of us were created from a single seed so to was each and every tree created from a single seed. Over time the “seed” will grow and experience a great many forces that will act upon the body, whether that body be human or tree.

One of the easiest concepts to identify from the tree is the concept of strength and pliability. The tree gives the appearance of being strong and stiff. As we look upon it, we see the massive size of the base and the multitude of limbs that branch out from the central trunk. Each limb appearing to be as strong and stiff as the trunk, each part an intragel piece of the whole. Yet despite its great bulk and apparent strength the tree teaches us we must bend before the wind less the wind break our back and tumble us upon the ground.

While that is an impressive teaching, the fallen tree teaches another aspect that again is so often over looked. If we look upon the fallen tree we will often notice that the life force of the tree continues to pulsate within its core. The tree will “Bend” that injured part to allow the whole to continue to grow. As time passes and heals the wound the tree will slowly raise its heads towards the sun once again. Here again is a valuable lesson for it teaches us that we can overcome the damage to our bodies and still reach upward and live a productive life.

The tree is a great teacher when it comes to showing that all things can live together. In many instances the tree shows us how multiple species can interact with one another while giving each those items needed to continue life. If we look to the Oak tree and the Misle Toe plant we see a perfect example of two clearly different species that live together in a harmonious balance.

Illusion is one of the greater aspects of magick presented by the tree. Within the illusion the tree teaches there is a truth that is revealed within all things if we take the time to look closely. For instances take a close look at the massive trunk of the tree. Now should you be willing to look closer you might see that what appeared initially as one is really the resulted joining of two. Two tree’s wrapped so tightly together and enter twined that they appear to the world as a single unit, the resultant union producing a new singular unit that is reflective of the combination of the two. This producing a combination that is far stronger than the individual strengths of the individuals. Perhaps a tree’s reflection of the ideal union and balance between to whom have chosen to join as one.

A tree can also present the depths that a disease or illness can burrow into an outwardly apparent healthy body. Many a tree stands with a strength that can be seen by anyone who passes by. However, if we take a closer look we can see the rot as the body is slowly destroyed from within. Many times the tree will reveal its pains by the discoloration of its leaves; by the brown discolored limbs growing outward from its dying body. Sometimes the decay is revealed in more minor details, spots defacing the leaves, a sense of decay that emanates from the tree or the tiny scares that criss cross the trunk. If we take the time to look we can see the decay and sometimes the trees tell us we can see the same decay within the human creature if we simply take the time to look and see.

One lesson the tree teaches that is hidden is also important. That lesson is we must have a strong root sunk into the deeps of mother earth. From the depths of the earth do we gain nourishment and strength, gain the ability to stand and grow. The earth will provide us with the minerals our bodies need to grow tall and powerful. However she will also provide us the same minerals if our bodies should be old and gray, if our bodies should be bent and bowed, young and limber, or any combination of those.

The next time you are out take a minute and look and see what lesson Spirit is trying to teach you. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the tree’s yet at other times we can’t see the little truths because were to busy looking for what we perceive to be the big truths. Remember Spirit is always trying to teach us and uses as great many guides. If then falls to us to look and see all of the guides not just those that we think may contain a greater or more enlightened truth.

Just my two cents worth for what it matters. Now these are my observations and conclusions and may be correct, partially correct or even out and out wrong. In my path spirit has guided my eyes upon many things from the trees that stand all about me to the earth and rock beneath my feet to the winds that blow across the land to the rains that beat down upon it.

copyright 6/15/2009 Carl (CPB) aka MonSnoLeeDra

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 06:54 AM

Do You talk the talk and walk the walk or do you just Talk the Talk

I asked the question "Do You talk the talk and walk the walk or do you just Talk the Talk", With that in mind I though it right that I should give you my thoughts and such. I will point out in advance that my mind has a tendency to wander or touch many topics so please bear with me.

Now coming from a military back ground I believe many of us both Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk yet may feel we only do one or the other. As a sailor I found out that many of my inner most convictions remained hidden to those that surround me. The fact that I walked a path that is composed of a combination of Shamanism and Nature worship both set me apart from my peers while bringing me even closer to them.

Do I go out and visibly state my convictions? That answer would be no. Not because I’m ashamed or anything like that, simply because my then environment didn’t support it. That’s not to mean I don’t "Teach" or "Speak" on my path and try to correct mis-conceptions that I encounter.

As a former military person, I fully realized that in any conflict there are those who will stand in the foreground and take the brunt of the battle. However, I also realize there are those who will stand in the shadows and fight the fight yet not seek the glory that comes from the limelight so to speak. To win acceptance takes people who are battling on all fronts from all aspects.

Within the coven there are many forces at work, some visible some invisible to outsiders. Within the constraints of the coven power is raised by the group to perform a certain function and requires the visible focus of the entire group. Within the Shaman path that same coven does exist yet we stand apart in many aspects. While the Witch works as a group the Shaman also works within a group yet we seldom see the other players within our coven.

Now does one group have a greater power or control than the other? I would have to say NO! As a Shaman I have perhaps a closer connection to nature and earth spirits than the Witch yet I work in a coven as much as the Witch. Now where is that coven? Well think on it, does Spirit not oversee our workings to a great degree, guide us to achieve a certain goal.

Perhaps as a Shaman I work on a tighter rope than the Witch yet I must adhere to the same conditions that the Witch works under. Now I don’t mean the Wiccan concept of "An it harm none do as thou will" stuff but the laws of raising and releasing power to perform a function.

As a Shaman I must accept the concept of the cyber family as a coven for within its confines I truly do fall into the aspect of a group working for a common cause. I fall within its sphere when I read a post from another and add my energies to that persons endeavor. The mere fact of reading the post adds some of my energy to the persons cause and increase as the desire to help increases.

Given the coven concept of this cyber family then not only do I Talk the Talk but I also walk the Walk. While in this aspect my Walk is purely spiritual not physical I never the less Walk the Walk as I provide support and guidance to the lesson or cause being approached. Granted some of the Walk is reduced in exposure yet the fact of my email address being enclosed on each post places me upon the playing field if one were to chose to engage.

Now within this arena I have both the power to choose to intervene or avoid the subject. When my power is needed the Spirit of the Lady moves me to come into the arena and add my support. Sometimes that support is merely a shoulder to cry upon and a kind ear to listen. Other times that support my take the form of a spell weaved upon the cyber waves and grown in power as each reads it.

Sometimes those supports maybe the physical intervention in a cause. As an example when I was required to search out a novice who had questions and was being taken down the wrong path in regards to what was what. I.e. Witchcraft is actually Satanism and such. To correct that mis-conception required my placing myself physically and knowing upon the playing field with the exposure it allowed.

In a great many ways we never know if we are walking the walk and talking the talk. In some ways perhaps we never advance beyond the talk the talk aspect. But what must be remember is that sometimes that is all that is required of us. We may actually face the hardest walk by simply doing the talk. It is far more difficult to have the experience to back the talk than have the physical power to walk the walk. It may take years and years of study and trail and error before we reach a point in our path that we are actually called upon to walk that walk.

We are growing into a cyber family that not only must teach the young (experience not age) yet refine and broaden our own knowledge. In many instances the Walk is becoming one of being there on line for those that can only expose themselves to the cyber word. Think of the affronts that the young novice faces as they search for the truth and expound on the effect that the seasoned person faces as they talk of Earth Spirits and the many faces that the goddess or gods present to us.

Many teachers are rising on the net, a fact we can not ignore. Perhaps over time more and more interaction will take that venue as the personal touch fades from view, hopefully for just a short while if it happens.

This change of teachers is creating a whole new approach to walking the walk as well. In the old days of a few years ago one would study and search and maybe a teacher would step forward when the time was right. Granted in retrospect it seemed that many were pointed out to me by another upon this path that passed my name to the perspective teacher. Today the number of physical walkers seems to be fading from sight. Yes there are still many out there and we still merge together when conditions have brought us forward.

Sometimes the conditions are setup by us, other times Spirits takes an active hand in the situation. Granted Spirit is not always so nice when taking an active part. In those instances that walk actually becomes more of a kick in the rear than a casual stroll. But the very trials and tribulations of Spirit are one more example of Walking the Walk for we survive the tests that are laid before us and hopefully learn our lesson before we get kicked in the head to many times. I can’t speak for everyone but I can tell you Spirit can boot your butt up real high if need be to get the lesson to sink in.

In short the very fact we stick to this path or calling and undergo all the trials and tribulations that go with it prove that we each Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk. For those that just talk the talk soon are walking a different path that doesn’t required the dedication required to walk the walk and talk the talk.

copyright 6/15/2009 Carl (CPB) MonSnoLeeDra

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#8 Guest_monsnoleedra_*

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 06:58 AM

Yep even a few that fall up under romance I suppose.

My Darling Wife

She’s the heart within my soul
She’s the love the spark does hold
She’s the light that fills my night
She’s the source of earthly delight

A love so sweet so fine and true
A heart so pure so great its true

She’s the one to take my hand
She’s the one who calls me her man
She’s the one that I wed that long ago day
She’s the one that I stand with today

A Love so grand it fills my soul
A Love so strong its touch will hold

She’s the mother of two by me
She’s the wife I long to see
She’s the love I’ll always take
She’s the woman that is my fate

A Love like none I’ve felt before
A Love that blasts from shore to shore

She’s the one I’ll not live without
She’s the one to make me shout
She’s the one who takes me on high
She’s the muse that makes the words rise

A love for her that time will tell
A love for her that ages can’t squell

A simple phrase a word or two
They fail to compare when I think of you
The words they loose the story face
The words they fall from true disgrace

A simple phrase a word or two
A simple statement so simply said
A simple time I simply said
A simple spark that means so much

A simple statement to fill the clutch
But simple words that mean so much

I love you Karen
I always will
I love you Karen
My Heart you thrill

copyright 1/26/2010 Carl (CPB) MonSnoLeeDra

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#9 Guest_monsnoleedra_*

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 07:00 AM

I suppose that gives a clue to the manner I create in and how I enjoy writing whether it be short story or poetry. Of course this does bring home to me that I haven't sat down and let the muses inspire me for some time so may have to give them a listen again and see what comes of it.
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#10 RoseRed


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Posted 19 May 2015 - 04:50 PM

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When my wings get tired I grab my broom.

#11 Solanaceae


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Posted 23 May 2015 - 11:52 PM

A side of our MonSno, I've never seen before! Thank you so much for that!

Off topic,

I am so glad that you did not leave us, that would have been a terrible loss to this community.

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Some are born to sweet delight,

Some are born to endless night.


(Fragments from "Auguries of Innocence") William Blake

#12 RoseRed


    . . . Not a big believer in . . . cowinkydink ;)

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Posted 24 May 2015 - 01:32 PM

Karen LOVED hearing that you posted that stunningly beautiful poem. You guys have a love for the ages. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

and that other one you wrote - call me next week.

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When my wings get tired I grab my broom.