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Physical Discipline and Balance

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#21 Lilitia


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Posted 02 February 2015 - 01:09 PM

I'm right there with you Michele... :yes: I read that post like I wrote it myself. My bed is a wreck and my truck looks like I dumped a lab library and a kids' toybox out in the back seat at the same time, but gods forbid I miss my daily run or I will punch someone at work that night. I am punctual, to the point where if I go somewhere (work, running, even my menstrual cycle is punctual) it is always at the same time, always early. I have the same breakfast, I get gas at the same store, all that. I visit my father every Sunday at one pm. Routine is my crack lol, but for me the discipline came into play when I had to let go of the routine. Stopping or changing everything to recharge and seek balance is the hardest task I ever attempted, and I have to try to do it all the time. I still struggle with it too. I hate to be sedentary or unproductive and it took a long time to realize that rest is a needed part of productivity, no matter how contradictory it may seem to me.
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#22 Eidolon


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Posted 18 February 2015 - 08:00 PM

This is a very good question. I'm actually a bit torn by it. I've always struggled with self discipline. Since puberty I've battled with thyroid issues and pcos. Which both severely effect my energy levels. Both mentally and physically. I'm sure being sick effects my ability to do magic because sometimes I simply don't have the energy to do anything but lay there.

But at the same time this keeps my longing for the spiritual world, otherworld, non physical world.. Etc etc. I often refer to my body as a flesh prison. It sounds harsh but that's really how I feel. It's hard for me to care about mundane issues because my head is so in the clouds because of this. I find solace in slipping between realms. So in a way I use it to my advantage.

On the other hand I've only really scratched the surface of the magical world. I feel like my lack of energy and discipline is keeping me from going further. I am currently working on getting myself in better physical shape. So maybe I'll come with a good update to this topic in a few months.

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#23 CailinRua


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Posted 20 February 2015 - 05:13 PM

For me, the two are definitely related, though I dont know if it is a dicipline thing or just a general taking care of my vessel thing. I say that because I dont have a particular routine, I dont work out (but i do like to stay active with hiking/walking around), but I am very careful what I put into my body because i can feel the difference it makes in my mental state. If I eat too much meat or other "heavy" foods, my mind feels cloudy and my body bogged down and lethargic. Same thing if I dont get out of the house enough. So I make effort to take care of myself even when it is hard or stressful to do so, because I know that at the end of the day Im better off and whatever needs attention is handled faster and more efficiently, and ultimately Im better equipped to focus and do better works. I dont think it is necessarily a weight issue but one of nurturing the connection between body in mind, both are tools, you can hone one more than the other if you are inclined but i cant help but feel you would be missing out on a lot of potential by overlooking the physical part of things.

Thats not to say that health problems necessarily damper ones progress, but I do think those things need to be taken care of in the best way you can. I also have thyroid issues, which gives me difficulty focusing/irritability/bloating/tiredness when left unchecked. Those symptoms make it difficult to do work I feel satisfied with (magic and mundane equally). But when I eat living foods and get exersize, stretch my body (this is important) and am mindful of where my symptoms are, I can function and have plenty of energy. It varies person to person, but I do think that physical is tied in, but I believe all things are connected, so there is that.

Monsno, I liked your point about practioners leaving their bodies and therefore the physical body for them is less important. It made me think. What do you think about the ease of learning to do so, however? What I mean to ask is would someone who is in good physical shape (not talking svelte or jacked here, just well fed nutritionally and at least somewhat active) have an easier time getting into those states than someone who maybe doesnt (or isnt able to) care for their bodies in the same way? Im not talking potential, as I think that unhealthy people can practice too, but that it might take a little more effort at first. The reason I think so is because even in dreamwork, If I have eaten too much or too heavy of food before I go to bed, my dreams are hazy and harder to work with. If I have not been getting enough exersize or sunshine, then my dreams are full of dust and clutter type themes, I understand now it is a signal to care for myself. When I do take care I lucid dream like crazy, and usually not even on purpose. Recall is also greatly impoved when my body feels "clean". Of course this is my own experience and a simplified example, but i wondered what everyone thought about mind/body balance and the learning aspect of it.

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#24 Crow59


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Posted 29 May 2015 - 04:53 AM

I need balance in my physical and spiritual wellbeing in order to function. With me, body and spirit are definitely related. When I feel good physically, my spirit sores. And when I'm depressed my body aches. As boring as it is, I'm all about moderation in what I eat and drink, though I do binge every so often and then it takes me a few days afterward to feel balanced again. Also, I seem to have more success if I eat very little on the days I do magic work. A slight hunger adds a little edginess, which you might think would be distracting, but actually helps me focus my energy.
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