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"Slender man" / "Lamp Entity" or other similar things.


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Hello everyone!

So I'm only using the term "Slender Man" as it's the only entity that I've personally heard about being similar to this creature. Although I do realise Slender Man is an urban legend started online. It could be anything for all I know so that is why I am here. The story I was told has got me very, very curious as the person who relayed it to me is an extreme sceptic...almost annoyingly so. I was quite shocked to receive this account from them to be honest. Perhaps others have seen it/heard stories about it. Here's the tale:


"The year is 2004. I’m 14 years old and living in a duplex with my mother in New South Wales, Australia. It is a fairly dreary Autumn’s night and nothing of interest is happening from my second-story bedroom.


There’s a mild amount of wind and just enough rain to slightly obscure the view from my bedroom window. The view channels through two buildings opposite the duplex and frames the street in front of the unit complex.


On the street there is a perfectly ordinary lamp post that is just visible through the small gap between the two buildings and a tree growing over head.


My blinds were closed on this particular night. As the wind picks up, I start to feel a little jittery from the building energy of a coming storm. The area is notorious for thunderstorms and heavy rain could last for weeks at a time. The breeze starts to rattle my blinds, so I decide to roll it up.


For a while, I stood in front of my window taking in the storm. Light drizzle was being highlighted in the glare from the lamp posts. I didn’t notice anything strange for quite some time; it just felt nice to smell the rain and feel the night air on my face.


It isn’t often we take the time to watch. My neighbor had purchased a few more plants for his balcony, several trees had become quite overgrown and a new tree had started to grow next to the lamp post. I felt a little tense. There was a growing feeling, but I wasn’t sure of what.

The rain was getting a little heavier now, and I remember an urge to close my blinds. Still, I watched. The tree next to the lamp post caught my attention. I was unsure of how long it had been there, but I just assumed it was one of the many things happening around us that go unnoticed.


After a good three seconds, my eyes did what all eyes do in the dark: they attempted to make a pattern from limited information. It is this tendency to make sense of the world that leads us to seeing things that aren’t really there. The tree started to look like a very skinny person. Inside of me, the strange feeling grew.


At night shapes often turn into silhouettes for a brief moment. It is in this moment we have a surge of adrenalin and go into fight or flight mode. We need to know, and we need to know quickly, if this sudden shape poses a threat. Maybe we turn our head or flinch; I chose to squint.

I expected the shape to turn back into a tree with my increased focus, but when it didn’t, the fear was immediate. It was happening right in front of me, but I still wasn’t convinced. Maybe I’m just seeing things. It was at this moment all uncertainty as to what I was seeing went away. The creature turned its head at an angle that would have directly made eye contact.


The movement was deliberate and unmistakeable. Trees don’t rotate 45 degrees in the wind and stay perfectly still. I’ve had 9 years to speculate as to what this meant:

  • The creature knew it was being watched
  • The creature was trying to blend in
  • The creature wanted me to know that it knew I could see it

We stared at each other just long enough for the silhouette to gain some detail and for my eyes to properly adjust to the low light. It was about two heads taller than the lamppost and roughly three times as thick. Its clothes seemed dated but formfitting. While our clothes are boxy and rectangular, this creature’s clothes were like tubes. As its clothes didn’t reflect much light, this suggests that it was somewhat camouflaged in dark colors I suppose.


This is further supported by the random patterns of texture I was able to witness, similar to military BDUs. The patterns didn’t repeat and looked very much like dirt, bark or bitumen. There were random dashes of white lines, but they only served to make the clothes seem 3D. The only familiar part of its outfit were the shoes. They looked similar to gumboots and were completely black. Lastly, the length of the creature’s limbs were disproportionate to its torso and head.


The torso was like a small cylinder supported by a bipod with arms hanging stiffly by the side close to the ground.

Our staring contest lasted quite a few seconds. A part of me was still unconvinced. This was until it bounded away from my view withing two monstrous steps. It took a fraction of a second for it to cover massive distance. Its steps seemed sharp and violent. The feeling of warning that I had seen something I really shouldn’t have is what’s lasted from that experience. It was as if it was showing me as simply as it could what it was capable of doing. I got the distinct impression this creature was neither bad or good, but could be either.The next thing I did was slam down my blinds and open my bedroom door. My family were asleep, but at least they’d hear if something were to happen.


I’m not sure if this event is related, I’m lying awake one night. I’m not sure if this happened before or after spotting this creature. There’s a bad thunder storm and my window is shaking. It is shaking far too strongly to be thunder. Needless to say, I’m terrified. The shaking continues for over 30 minutes, and it sounds like cats are fighting outside. I have the debilitating thought that something is trying to get in.


Eventually, I turn on the lights, calm down and fall asleep. When I wake up, I conclude it was either a dream or just cats fighting during a bad storm. This conclusion is dismissed the moment I see my fly screan. It had been bent out of shape and badly torn. Not even the worst storm I’d experienced in the area had succeeded in doing this.

Needless to say I have several theories:


If the attack at the window happened before spotting the tall creature:

  • The tall creature was the creature trying to get in
  • The tall creature was collaborating to get in
  • The tall creature was an impartial observer
  • The appearance of the tall creature is unrelated

If the attack happened after spotting the tall creature:

  • Spotting the tall creature is what caused it to attack my window
  • The tall creature was doing reconnaissance
  • The tall creature was guarding me
  • The tall creature was involved in the attack
  • The tall creature coordinated the attack
  • The attack was a result of accidentally seeing the tall creature
  • The tall creature’s appearance beforehand was coincidental

There are a number of other conclusions, but these seem to be the most obvious and most reasonable of them all. It is my instinct that says the attack occurred after spotting the tall creature. My take on what occurred is that I saw something that I shouldn’t have seen. The attack that followed was simply a repercussion from doing so, but I do not think the tall creature was involved directly.."



Then they followed it up by sending this when I mentioned "Sleder Man"

"You know this creature as Slenderman, but Slenderman was fabricated 6 years after this event in 2009 when he first appeared on a Create Paranormal Images thread on the Something Awful forums. During the six years when no one had heard of Slenderman, my internet searches for “the tall man” actually came up with decent hits. The little research I collected seemed to suggest he was the spirit of intimate objects"


Thoughts anyone? :)

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I can't really say it has any likeness to anything I've experienced, however, I can empathize with the feeling of "about to see something you shouldn't."  I often have this when I'm in the woods, it doesn't matter what time of day it is or what the weather happens to be.  I often get the same feeling when I'm out on the battlefield.  Should be interesting to see if anyone else has any similar experiences with your "slender man" though.

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What a disconcerting experience. I've never had such an encounter but if it is slender man does the time frame really matter? Either slender man existed prior, or time isn't really linear for it.


I can also relate to the feeling. I've seen things I've done my best to forget because the distinct impression was it was safer to do so.

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It's certainly disconcerting, just hearing the story gives me a strange uneasy feeling so I couldn't imagine how terrifying the actual experienve would have been. Hopefully someone on here has seen something similar :) That would be awesome.

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ficklefae, I have had an experience with what you are descibing. I help people who have paranormal issues in their homes and themselves, I am a physical medium and have had this gift my whole life. I had a woman quite a few years ago who was seeing almost exactly what you are discribing. When it finally showed it's self to me I realized what she was dealing with. Now some on hear might diasagree with me but I trust my abilities in this area. What she was dealing with is something they call the "rake" which has been seen for thousands of years it is usually drawn to females and can be dangerous many times attacking while asleep. This thing likes to attach it's self to people. It was never human. Do some research on this and you'll find it helpful.

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Guest monsnoleedra

Rake is a term you used to hear fairly often but not to much any more.  Never really heard them confined to women only or for the majority though.  Sort of falls into the same category as Revanant does as a vengeful or angry spirit if I recall correctly.   In some ways it is not entirely dis-similiar to how the Navajo Skin Walker is seen as a distorted human looking figure though those are said to have burning or blazing eyes vice the dead eyes.  Mostly seen at night though can't think if stormy weather is associated with those or not.  Bad part the term Rake appears to have become reinvented as part of the slender man lore though as a sort of ghoulish counter part.


Vaguely recall "Rake" is a Scottish or Irish term though as a lover it is often connected to women only.  Sometimes equated to the notion of the "Tween" though most often those were equated to royalty vice commoners.  Yet it is not the hollow eyed pasty white looking creature when seen as the lover.  Sort of funny the concept of the eternal lover was actually part of one episode of Star Trek the Next Generation though I don't recall them calling it a rake in that.  I heard it spoken of in hushed tones while I was stationed in Scotland and not a lot of people would talk about it.  Sort of the way it was spoken of in the Blue Ridge area of Virginia which is heavily populated by Scots-Irish descendants.


The storm part is what I find intriguing as I read this.  It reminds me of the stories of the wild hunt but not in the typical fashion.  Everyone remembers the wild hunt is lead by dogs and the huntsman comes along after them but its only limited stories about what the hunt is actually driving.  When you do hear stories its about people who are caught before the hunt alone on the roads or such but occasionally there are things mentioned about what is being driven.  Sorry can't give the stories anymore but part of what is driven is a human like creature that is driven from the shadows and such and is grossly distorted in size and shape.


I think at times the Nordic and Saxon lore keep the inhuman like creature as part of the lore of things.  Yet where you see it cross into other areas such as Hekate's wild hunt which drives human restless dead there is an attempt to identify the creature's being driven as more human.   Yet many of them keep the connection to storms and unfit for humanity to be out and about while they are being chased or run.


What is ironic is the description also matches some early vampire / ghoul lore even to how they move and come out in stormy dark conditions.  Especially the vampiric / ghoulish lore that comes out of the Balkans regions and Slavic areas.  It's vampiric lore connection sort of tying into the notion of being invited into the home though I've never seen a clear description of how its invited in.  Most movies and stories show the person vocally inviting it in yet some older things hint at simply looking out or opening to noise is the invite.  Sort of ties into the curiosity killed the cat type stuff where you look out to see and in doing so invite it in due to your interest in it.  Though in that capacity it does tie into going after women more than men in stories.

Definitely doesn't fit the descriptions of Shadow People or Black Men you typically hear.  Especially so considering those are normally referenced as already being in the house though a few accounts say they were outside.  Big thing about them though is the early century hats they are often cited as wearing.  Nor does it match the stories of the white shadow men / people though those tend to be extremely rare and probably are more taken as ghost than the white smokey shadow people.


Though like the passage from The Last Unicorn story says.."Don't run or flee from them (Immortals) for it attracts their attention!"  You should simply turn and slowly walk away which is what a great many archaic stories say to do when encountering various entities.

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Thank you both for your responses. I've never heard of the Rake before! Doing research seems to suggest it's a small, crouching creature although I may be looking in the wrong places...do either of you have any more info on it?

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I've seen experienced most of the shadow people phenomenon, they seem more curious about us rather than a baneful influence, thought I did get the feeling they feed on negative energy and have a knack for causing slight anxiety. They are quite fleeting going through or walking on on walls ceilings and floors, they even can become paper thin and nearly invisible. they move in an almost comical fashion, every movement is heavily exaggerated. some have hats or hoods, I've seen both.


I was chased once by a cryptid may of 2014 I was in the woods looking for my smart phone. the cryptid looked and moved like a chimpanzee but it was completely hairless had horrible mange and gaping sores all over it's body. It had eyes like a human but they glowed in the dark when I hit it with my flashlight, I thought it was a bobcat at first then I noticed it was naked and male and was missing most of it's left lip I only survived the encounter by flashing light in it's eyes as it chased me, this slowed it down enough for me to get to the parking lot and go. I sometimes wonder if it was some kind of living dead or infected ?


Anyone have a clue as to what it was ?

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