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Of the Haudenosaunee


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Thanks for sharing, it's one of the most fascinating documentaries on Native American tribal lore, legend and history I've ever seen. I'm definitely going to watch it again in the near future. It's great how sciences these days can help to reconstruct how events from the distant past worked out, even if the details in this re-enactment are a mixture of reality and imagination.


I actually envy the fact that lots of Native American cultures are still alive today, even if reduced to life in reservations, while most Europeans and their lineages abroad can only marvel at what exact pre-christian cultures and tribes they descend from, and what their precise practices were all about.  It was all wiped out first by the Romans and then by christianity during the times of conversion, except for some fragmented remnants of cultural and tribal life and habits surviving in European folklore, and these are mostly a blend with christian culture. Hell, I would pay gold for knowing what exact pre-christian tribes my ancestors stem from, and what the details of their cultural lives were all about. Excuse me for actually over-simplifying all this greatly, but these are my thoughts in short.


I'll trade the documentary you shared with one about a European turning point in history. I hope you'll enjoy it.


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