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HELP ... book gone AWOL..


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Hi guys, long time no been here LOL.  Just wondering if ANYONE has a copy or knows where to get one of :

"Wisdom of Silver Birch"
Unknown Binding – 1 Jan 1944
by Silver Birch (Spirit) (Author)

Was eventually published in 1956 by Spiritual Press if this helps.


I cant find it anywhere and would love to get a copy either hard copy or PDF.  Please let me know if you find it :smile:
Thousand thank yous :biggrin2:
Sandy x


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I'm guessing you want to own a copy....? But if you want to get it sooner rather than later, have you tried searching your local libraries?


I did a quick search and copies came up in several nearby public libraries and local campus'... maybe you'll have the same 'luck'?


Heres a link to the World Card Catalogue: http://www.worldcat.org/ just in case this is a temporary option. 

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