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Hallucinogenic Plants and Fungus


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Although today a good many people do not have favorable opinion regarding drug use, various hallucinogenic/non-hallucinogenic plants have been used by humankind for many thousands of years. This especially holds true for various practitioners be they called witches, shamans, medicine people, sorcerers or conjurers.


I'll start off with Jimson weed(datura stramonium) often holds my interest. The name Jimson weed originated from the early 17th name Jamestown Weed as early Virginia colonists mistook datura for wild edible greens and experience the plant's  hallucinogenic effects. It's use however predates European contact. Mid Atlantic  Algonquians used certain parts of the datura plant to make a powerful hallucinogen that was given to adolescent boys in a coming to age ceremony called Huskinaw. It was also administered by healers to sick or even cursed patients in discovering what bad spirits had infected them. It has also been used by some to change physical form, assist in battle or to find lost objects, people and stolen souls. 


Some practitioners once administered it to captives thus rendering them more obedient. 

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