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Making Craft Traditions


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All traditions were made somewhere, from someone, starting it off. Every family, group of friends, social gathering, etc has their own traditions. Since this is a traditional witchcraft site, I'm interested in hearing some crafty traditions the members here have made, for themselves.


My sister and I have a "handshake" that breaks bad luck or some other energy that we believe may stick. When one of us feels that some bad juju or energy is about, the other "breaks" it. It is something kept between us over the years, and has an important air of sisterly protection to it that holds a lot of power.


Also, when making tea for those I love, I tie the teabag onto the cup in a particular way. Whoever is drinking the tea immediately notices, every time, and decides that they like it. It has been described as feeling home-y, and my sister swears tea with that knot makes her feel better when she is sick.


How about you?

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When I first read this, I thought you meant a new "tradition" as in Cultis Sabatti is a tradition, CoTC is a tradition, New Age is a tradition, etc., lol (which is very possible to make one's own tradition although spiritual lore/beliefs could easily get distorted).


Okay - little things one does that have become traditional within their family or for themselves (I don't have a practicing family, lol). The only thing I can think of is at sundown I light candles in the window that I keep on all night and I say a charm over them that their light protect any of my own and that it affect their mood as well if need be. This isn't my own "invention"  (although the words I use are my own). 


There is also something else I do in the mornings along the same bent, but it is not using candles (since it's daylight). It's just another little charm, but used daily it builds up strength through belief and use and becomes something that can be used at anytime (at least in my belief it does, lol).



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