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Have you discovered and / or faced your shadow / Contrary totem?

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Posted 14 May 2014 - 09:02 AM

The Third Choice


I so fucking do not want to post this why do I have to be the one to Aaaargh.


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I admit that I have gone back and forth on answering this. I don't regret what I did, but I know it is on the outré side for certain. The town where I grew up is infested with these things (Portsmouth, VA). I have at length decided that in all probability they are failed curses, unable to find their proper target but too strong to simply fizzle out. No I never found the caster, yes it's only a pet theory.

 The one that tormented me in childhood vanished when I set that cursed house in better order. I wound up investing the major house spirit with a pretty decent independent energy feed, and she dealt with it, along with any number of lesser beasties. I'm not entirely clear on what she did with them, not really my business.

There have been others, though.

The last strong one that I met was working on someone else, and I probably wouldn't have gone after it if I hadn't have been in a post surgery zone.


The way to get them is with a labyrinth. What you want is a tangled path, whichever is your favorite, not the fall-over kind but the misdirection  sort. Loop that around in a sort of moebius, because you want it to keep speeding through that spelled space as fast as it can. In the center of the labyrinth, which can never be reached (by your will), place an image of yourself. I actually stand in the middle of mine, but I'm a weirdo. A good image will certainly do the trick. Next time it stops by, throw it in the labyrinth ( I use Aikido) and seal it in. It will spin itself out eventually, all purpose and personality used up, nothing left but the energy it was made from. And that cleans up just as good as new.

Just a plain old spirit trap won't do by the way, the exhaustion of travelling is what unravels them. So if it feels like slowing down, reach in and give it a good poke in the business.

If you want more info PM.

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Posted 14 May 2014 - 12:49 PM

I like that idea.

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