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Green Witchcraft and Hedge Witchcraft

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Posted 12 April 2014 - 02:33 AM

It occurred to me that I mention I practice hedgewitchary and greenwitchary but though I probably should explain how I define the terms so people know what I am thinking about.  That said I present this I wrote some time ago in the hopes it may inspire some discussion if nothing else.  Its a bit long but hopefully you'll find it an interesting read if nothing else.


What is Green / Hedge Witchcraft?


  First let me preface this with the statement that all that follows is my own opinion and thoughts on this question.  As such they may not align with what others would perceive Green Witchcraft to be.


 I think that Green Witchcraft is similar to Shamanism in a number of ways.  While the two have similar type concepts I think there is enough difference to make them separate.  I find that the Green Witch is closer aligned to the physical aspects of mother earth than any other Witch is, granted many Witches respect the earth and even follow some green type thoughts but they don’t quite reach the same depth.


 I believe that the green witch looks to the deeper association with the Earth.  While the Shaman may journey to other planes of existence, the Green Witch journeys within the physical realm.  In the learning of their path, the Green Witch comes to understand the concept of time, the cycle of life and interaction of herbivores, carnivores and even omnivores.  They learn the teachings of the various groups of people that live upon the earth and the means of working with and calling upon them. 


 They travel upon the face of the earth and view the world through green eyes if you will.  He/she sees the Mighty Oak but sees beyond just its physical appearance.  To the typical viewer the oak is a majestic tree the Green Witch sees the life cycle that is tied to it.  They see the small acorn as not only a seed to the future but a personification of the life cycle itself. 


 They see that for the 100’s of acorns that drop only a few shall ever be given the chance to grow to the might oak.  Many will gain a small foothold of life only to have it snuffed out in any number of ways.  They see the animals of the forest that rely upon the oak for food and understand that some of them will also die upon the realm but that enough will survive to ensure the continuation of their species.  They will see both life and death displayed for all to see if they but open their eyes.  They also know the delicate balance that exists and the repercussions should it be upset.


 They look upon the land and see not only what was but things that can come again.  They look to the creek that runs shallow and stagnate and see its once former power.  They see the might power that lies dormant within the small stagnate pools but can feel the energy that can swell at a moments notice when the elements come together.


 They see the combination of elements and how they support and strengthen each other.  They look upon the flame and know that it is the fire that burns within, it is the source of spirit that motivates them.  But they also know it is a fire that can not only inspire but also consume if not balanced with the other elements.  They know a fire can burn and forge a new life from the ash or simply consume its host and leave just a burnt out Caracas.


 Within the confines of the elements they see every aspect of man.  The fire that encourages us and drives us forward, but can consume at a moments notice or weakness.  They see the air that fills our bodies with life and touches the face of all things. From Earth comes the strength of our bodies and the bones upon which we are built.  From water comes the very blood and liquid that gives us life.


 Not only do they recognize the internal aspects but also recognize the external effects.  They feel the pull of the planets and moon upon the very liquids that pump through their bodies. They see the strength of the earth within their bodies but also see the decay that starts from the moment of inception. They know the in-balance facets of the elements. They see the desert that is left when Fire and Earth are out of balance.  They see the mist and steam when Fire and Water are out of balance. They see and fill the destruction that occurs when earth and water are out of balance.  They acknowledge and see the immediate destruction that occurs from the raging river and see the minute destruction that is caused by the gentle touch of time and wind upon the face of the mighty mountain.


 Like Shaman they also work with the Spirits and protectors of a given area.  They know the power runs and Lay lines for an area they work with.  Within the confines of their realm the power vortex are known and the association of certain vortex’s to specific guardians are recorded and studied.  They see both the positive and negative runs as facets of nature neither one good or bad simply in opposition or balance.


 Similar to the Shaman they also learn from the creatures of the wild.  They see teachers in everything and learn to look for the truth from animal teachings.  They also recognize that just to see a creature does not mean there is a lesson to be learnt from it.  They also recognize and acknowledge the different type of people that live upon the earth.  They know the green people, the stone people, the winged people, the two legged, the four legged and all that fall in-between.


 The Green Witch may have similar abilities as those of a Hedge Witch with their knowledge of herbs and such.  However, that knowledge is not the center of their truth or the main lesson they focus on. Instead they focus upon the energy that travels through the ground and in the air about them.  They see and learn to harness and focus the abundant energies that ripple across the face of the planet.  They see both the creative and destructive powers unleashed by the earth through volcanoes or earthquakes.  Yet they also see the force and energy contained within the storm and lightning, the breath of the wind, the rivers and waters, and the various guardians of place.


 The Green Witch knows of the hydraulic cycle of the earth.  He/She may not know the specific technical terms of the cycle but have an understanding of the relationship of weather and the movement of water. There will be an understanding of the Plate tectonics theory and the movement of the rock of the earth.  They will see the long-term birth and death of the rock people, though they are on a different time line than the earth.  They may feel the association of their time line or even understand the illusion of strength that comes with it.


   This is just a small aspect of what I think along these lines.  I will let you digest this and if you desire I can continue at a latter time.


Again these are MY thoughts and opinions on this.    


What is Green / Hedge Witchcraft pt2?


  Again let me preface this with the statement that all that follows is my own opinion and thoughts on this question.  As such they may not align with what others would perceive Green / Hedge Witchcraft to be.


One of the critical facets of the Green Witches practice is in knowing where the energy lines are located within or upon the place they most frequent.  These maybe ley lines in the traditional sense or other energy lines or vortexes that are encountered in the normal application of their daily lives.  Yet knowing they are there and discovering their location are two different things.


In discovering those spots in my practice I turn to the lay of the land, the type and location of plant life and in some instances the age-old art of dowsing.  Observing the lay of the land and the layout of plant life is probably the most significant means of discovering many of the energy lines.  For instance where I live one look's for the Sycamore tree’s to discover the water lines.  Sycamore grows where there is lots of water, frequently near rivers, lakes and ponds but also over underground water pathways.  Another good source of water lines and blue energy trails is Pussy Willows and Weeping Willows.


They lay of the land also frequently reveals the location of Air energy lines and Earth energy lines.  Many times one can watch the clouds or low fog and see the airlines and how they funnel around obstacles or the routes they normally take.  It’s like in the mountains one often finds that air flows certain ways with the storm systems and the way it moves between the valleys and mountain peaks.


Want to discover the Earth lines watch the birds as they migrate.  Many times I have discovered that the migratory paths match the magnetic flow lines and earth lines of the landscape.  Sometimes one can find junctures by watching the points that the birds land in mass then watch the discovery groups that go out and test the runs to see which goes what way.  Then when they take to the sky once again you’ll see them frequently circle the vortex boundaries produced by the energy lines they follow in migration.


At times one may also discover the earth lines by following the animal game trails as they cross the landscape.  The tracking of those lines is also a good way to discover the location of vortexes and land spirits of great age.  Like the birds at times you’ll discover that the game trails will suddenly make a circle for no reason, yet there is always a reason if one digs into it.  Sometimes they will circle the boundary of a vortex, an up or down link for a ley line where it rises above the ground or drops away to do deep.  Sometimes they will also trail into deep wood areas where the land feels different and you see many game trails come together and lots of animal sign and spore.  Those spots usually also indicate an old earth elemental or guardian spirit.  Just a warning though if you do find one of those spots be considerate for many of those old spirits do not take kindly to being disturbed or their wards being frightened.


The last part is the dowsing method.  One that to some is easily to manipulate and be successful with, for others more troublesome than anything they will touch.  Now the Dowser may use an Y shaped tree branch, the type may vary by location and personal preference.  I frequently use Willow or Sycamore though my grandfather preferred Oak.  Other items that maybe used are two equal length rods of copper tubing, two equal length sections of coat hanger I have used all three items with varying degrees of success.


Basic operation is one hold's the Y shaped branch by the tips of the Y and walks slow across the area to be dowsed.  Holding the tips loosely yet firmly you watch the end of the Y and when it begins to pull down you usually have discovered whatever energy your looking for.  With the Y shaped branch it is usually water it seems or what I call a blue line.  With the copper rods or coat hanger the application is similar though the two rods / wires are extended and when you have crossed the two rods / wires will move towards each other, frequently crossing and the wire may actually turn downward as well.  On some occasions you will see the reverse and the Y tip, the rods or the wires will bend upward to mark the location where a line rises above the ground.


So the Green Witch becomes one with the land as much as possible.  The water lines and the manner of its movement across the land the blood of the area.  Sometimes containing surface veins and deeper veins that are only revealed by the foliage of the landscape.  Airlines that are revealed in the shifting fogs and rainstorms but also in the main pathways that one see the avian community utilizing.  Earth lines that are marked by the migratory paths both upon the land and high in the sky overhead. 


While the Green Witch learns the outward signs and presence of the landscape they also watch for the limnal spots to be found.  Those places where two or more elements meet or spots where water rises from the depths of the ground, the cavern that marks the boundary of celestial and chthonic boundaries.  That spot where the landscape is aligned in such a way that it funnels three elements together in a V shape and produces wild energy in the mixing.  But that is for another writing at a later time to be provided.


Granted much easier to do in the wild areas or rural areas more so than in the cities but not impossible.  The land a bit harder to read but those that live there can find the means of reading the landscape if they try.