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I Couldn't Think of a Title


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An Engineer is standing outside the Pearly Gates.


Sorry, says St. Peter to the Engineer, but you are at the wrong gate, and a second later, poof, the Engineer finds himself in Hell.


The Engineer becoming dissatisfied with the level of comfort in Hell, starts making improvements.


One day 'ol St Peter calls up Hell and speaks with Satan to ask how things are going in Hell. Satan answers 'Great, ever since you gave us that Engineer. We now have central air conditioning, escalators, and a bunch of other goodies. There's just no telling what that Engineer will come up with next'.


St. Peter tells Satan there was a mistake, and that the Engineer was sent down in error, and to send him back up immediately.


Satan says no way Peter, you gave him up, and he's all mine now.


St. Peter proclaims loudly. Give him back now or we'll sue you.


Satan chuckles and says to St. Peter, "Yeah, right - where are you going to find a Lawyer".

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