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Practice & Experience

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Posted 28 September 2014 - 11:16 PM

As I read this thread over and over it occurs to me practice does nothing to make one perfect.  One might practice, and practice and practice but have it do nothing to change their skill level or comprehension of a subject.  In my experience practice does nothing without dedication, focus, persistence and commitment to the skill one is seeking to refine, develop and obtain mastery over.  Consider one can shuffle a deck of cards for hours every day and it will increase their dexterity but it does nothing to change their knowledge and comprehension of the odds of cards turning up, the odds of a pair or triple.  It doesn't do anything to change their knowledge or the complexities of the various games, spreads, etc of using cards.


Granted I imagine most people will presume that dedication, focus, commitment, persistence, etc are all part of the process of practice yet the reality of things is often quite different to the perception.  It becomes even more apparent when you consider the frequent "I want it now" mindset that is so prevalent in modern society.  People who dedicate decades if not entire lifetimes to refining and perfecting their skills and crafts so it is all encompassing yet modern practitioners think they can master in weeks or remove what they think as un-necessary parts but have no real understanding of the why of it.  Yet they claim they are practicing their skill and craft to perfect it.


Consider spell casting.  How many claim you don't need rhyme and such to make it work?  Yet never once understanding that the rhyme and such was about energy and using words to paint sounds and vibrations.  Intent painted upon sounds and energy through the highs and lows as you create vibrations, charges and a fluid dynamic like scenario where one builds upon another and increases each occurrence.  It was never about making it easier to learn it or say it, it was all about sound, vibration, duration, echo and presence.  Sound dynamic used in a fluid dynamics type building application to in-power and re-enforce your workings.  Well at least in the manner and methodology of spell casting I was taught.


A far cry from practice and experience as I see so many seem to imply when they say it in my humble experience.