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"American Gods" by Neil Gaimen


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I totally enjoyed this book. It is a novel, but written with deep philosophical insight, humor, and a very entertaining story. And also, I think, a lot of research and understanding into things a lot of people don't research.


It is about some old gods, brought over to America when their people migrated here and brought them with them. Eventually their worship died out except by the neo-pagan revival few and the gods lived as humans in poverty in the current society. Neither being able to fit in or to die out. And there are new god-personifications - the fat technology child-god, who looks like some kid who does nothing all day but sit in front of an X-Box. And has the emotions of a computer.


And in steps a man, recently released from prison to find his wife has passed away and he has no planned future. And is hired by a god who is planning a war...


this book has been around for 10 + years and has rather become a "cult classic" and I have to say it was very good.


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