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Six Souls


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Had an opportunity to watch this movie, it didn't get raving reviews but it was interesting in some places.


Main plot is multiple personalities and how the psychologist dealt with her patient.


She is a woman of Science, yet she has a glimpse into the world of Folk Magic/ Mountain Magic.


Again, if your interested, it's a rainy day movie, when you have some down time.










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I actually really liked the movie!! We watched it on my hubby's laptop in the car w/my dad and siblings while driving for a weekend mini vacation. 


I think it's really interesting that certain celebrities w/a different belief system other than mainstream Christianity as well as religion period, wind up playing these types of roles. Julianne Moore for instance, is an atheist, but has done Six Souls, Carrie, several sci-fi movies like Cast a Spell (about magic and H.P Lovecraft),etc. and Morgan Freeman's played God in Bruce Almighty and narrated War of the Worlds (sci-fi movie based on H.G. Wells' novel), Sir Ian McKellen from Lord of The Rings, Keanu Reeves- The Devil's Advocate, Constantine, The Day the Earth Stood Still (sci-fi), Danielle Radcliffe- Harry Potter, and many more; that's all I can think of off the top of my head. 

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