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Aromatherapy recipes


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I thought this would be an interesting topic I did a search for them and didn't find anything so I thought I would start one.


I love essential oils for me they augment herbs they don't replace them I use them in a different way than the actual plant but I feel they defiantly have a place in the magical tools cabinet or in my case box. I have been using them for years but only in the last couple years did I actually take some classes where I learned all kinds of new tricks and expanded my collection to the more exotic oils that brought me a whole new world of possibilities. I am the first to admit my blends don't always go as planned at one point my whole house smelled like black pepper because I followed some idiots theory that you can always blend like scents together, well you can but trust me the scent can quickly turn into something over powering and out of control. So don't blend black pepper, allspice, and juniper unless you really really like the smell of pepper lol.


Here is a recipe that I love for bath salts,


10 drops lavender

10 drops tea tree oil

5 drops eucalyptus

Sometimes I add

3 drops bergamot or lemon grass depending on if my muscles ach


Tonight I'm trying an aphrodisiac that I read about

10 drops sandalwood

5 drops ylang ylang

2 drops basil


And last but not least a banishing blend , obviously you need to do your own working with it

3 drops cypress

2 drops cedarwood

2 drops clove


I am hoping this turns into an exchange of recipes we can all turn to and if like me you know something not to do please share that too!

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I hope you don't mind me sharing, too. 


I don't work with essential oils.  I don't have an aversion to them - I just haven't.  I do like putzing in the kitchen, tho.  I lived in one apartment that had very dry heat and needed to humidify the air and came up with a bunch of different concoctions for simmering on the stove or over a tea light.  It was a long time ago but the ones I remember:


Orange peel or sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks and vanilla


rose petals and jasmine (the scent didn't last long but it was wonderful)


orange and clove


lemon and lime slices  (I didn't like it with other spices added in)

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I use essential oils. I am by no means an expert or anything, but like Rosered, I am a big fan of having little scented simmer pots going all time. My favorite being fresh lemon slices and dried Lavender.

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I am obsessed with essential oils! For aromatherapy in a diffuser one of my favorite blends to help pep me up in the morning- 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops rosemary OR pine, 3 drops cinnamon bark or leaf oil.


For relaxing, and unwinding before bed- 3 drops lavender 1 drops blue tansy, 1 drop frankincense 


For inspiration/motivation while working at home- 3 drops orange oil, 2 drops cinnamon leaf or bark oil, 1 drop ginger


Lavender and vanilla bean infused almond oil in the bathtub is lovely for relaxing. ( a couple of drops)


Will post a bit more later :)

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 I like to do things that are seasonal.  In the spring I will light lilac candles (can't find a true lilac scented oil). In the summer I will do different floral scents, I did a simmer of honeysuckle oil the other day.  I will do the pumpkin pie or apple pie spice simmer when the leaves start to change up here.  And as weird as it sounds, in the winter time, I just put on a stew in the crock pot.  Good stew to me, is a winter smell and there is no candle or oil that simulates it lol. 

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Glad you started this topic! I actually use essential oils a lot around the house. I specifically use them a lot for cleaning...I feel with the right intent and use, it can work two fold. For instance, I mix up a batch of all purpose cleaner with rosemary and lavendar (basically in a spray bottle I mix equal amounts of water & white vinegar, add essential oils and voila!). Not only is my house getting physically clean, I feel it's reinforcing protection (rosemary) and calmness (lavendar). I also mix sage oil with baking powder to make a rug powder. I sprinkle this over my rugs and let it sit for a few minutes before vaccuming it up. It really breaks up and renews the energy in whatever room I use it in. I could go on and on, but I won't!


I'm curious, does anyone make their own oils? I buy mine due to time constraints, but I am really interested in making my own oils.

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