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New mask in the making.


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Well, in amongst all the mad busy-ness of this year I've started on a new mask. I've had this card mask base for well over a year. But Inspiration is a slow old bitch and often forgets I'm here :dry: But she's finally showed her face and I got started today!


Either side are secured a pair of mallard wings, and in the centre, a whole dark blue cock cape. The other bits are not secured down yet as I've run out of mini glue sticks, so I'll finish those off next weekend hopefully. Black leather nasal piece forming some of the "eyebrows" . Two "antennae" of sea fan, and a pigeon skull.


It's part scowling stern old man, part butterfly ( hence the antennae ) . I'm not sure what else will go on there yet as I don't feel like sorting through the boxes until I have more glue. I can't begin without glue!


But yes, work in progress, should be rather fun once I have him done. It's another one to wear while dancing round the Wicker man once a year :biggrin:







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OMG, HoneyThorn !!! This is amazing.... I can't wait to see the final Mask.


Your imagination is just fun and creative. Job well done. Seriously if the photo's are this stunning


I can't imagine what this looks like in real life. My jaw dropped. :D




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Thankyou all :biggrin: I can't wait to finish him !


I do sort of switch off whilst at the same time swtiching on in a way when I sit and make a mask or head-dress. It also helps my diet as I rarely feel the urge to eat when I sit there glueing and stitching :happy: . I wait for the lightning to strike. I sit and stare at the thing for a while and then start rummaging in my boxes of fur and feathers and little trays of bones and then he say's what he wants to be .

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