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Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch Bott Boi


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Or for you Englishers, Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie. This is traditional Amish "hinkle bott boi"; chicken pot pie.


Ingredients: water, whole roaster chicken, flour, eggs, potatoes and pinch of saffron


Fill a stock pot 1/2 way full with water. Add a full roaster chicken (remove neck and innards), and bring to a boil. Boil chicken for roughly an hour or until meat falls off the bones. Remove chicken and set aside to cool; do NOT discard water! This is your pot pie stock.


While chicken cools, prepare your pot pie dough:


2c flour

2 eggs

water to make dough***


Knead dough until firm and elastic like pie dough. Flour rolling surface and pin; roll dough out until 1/4" thick. Cut dough into 1" x 1" squares. Let air dry. *You may purchase egg noodles and skip this step.


While noodles dry, peel, quarter and boil 10-15 medium potatoes in the chicken stock. *You may add other vegetables, but traditional pot pie is just dough, chicken and potatoes.


While potatoes cook and dough dries, pick your chicken; in English, remove the chicken meat from the bones and tear into bite sized pieces. Discard any speck (chicken fat/skin). Add your chicken pieces to the stock and potatoes. You may now also add your dough to the mix. Also add a pinch of saffron to your pot pie. *If you want to skip this you may, but you won't get the traditional yellow pot pie us PA Dutch are known for. If you cannot find saffron, or you don't want to pay the price since it can be expensive, you may substitute tumeric. This could alter the flavor though!


Allow your pot pie to boil now for 30-45 minutes, or until potatoes are soft. Serve hot with pepper and salt to taste. Goes well with pepper cabbage, buttered bread and shoofly pie for a traditional PA Dutch meal.


***You will have to add a little water at a time until your dough is just right. It always varies for me and this is the recipe I always use since making pot pie is like tying shoes for me. I'd recommend starting out with 1/3c water then add a tablespoon at a time until you get the right consistency.

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MIL makes this but up she calls it "sliders". Its like a cross between a chicken noodle soup and pot pie but the dough is rolled out and big thick pieces are dropped in to the hot stock to make the big noodles. This is one of hubby's favorite meals.


*on reread, this dish is the same except Rustic adds potatoes and other spices that the MIL doesn't.

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