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Pendulum - Let it tell you the direction of Yes/No, or do you tell it?

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Posted 30 December 2016 - 09:18 AM

Edit note: For some reason when I initially replied to this post the last reply I had read was in 2014 so I thought I was resurrecting an old thread.  Guess somehow I missed the other comments so wanted to explain myself!  

About 6 maybe 7 years ago I decided to get into pendulum readings. So with my best friend at the time we both made our own with nearly identical materials. Almost immediately the pendulum and I connected. It responded to my yes/no questions without much hesitation and in a lot of ways it seemed alive, like it had its own intelligence and personality yet was an extension of me at the same time if that makes any sense. thru it I discovered many interesting things about various topics including who/what spirits were haunting various locations.

btw, in case anyone is wondering- I ask a yes/no question as usual. The pendulum responds but I also program my pendulums to include maybe (clockwise circle) and I don't know (counter clockwise) options. I also often get flashes of insight that help me figure out what questions I should be asking. The story unfolds and questions are answered (most but not every time lol). Initially i attributed that to having a psychic Connection with my friend and strengthened by our nearly twin pendulums. But I learned it worked this way for me whether or not she had anything to do with other sessions elsewhere with other people.

A year ago, we kind of had a falling out of sorts. By this time I was roommates with her but could no longer afford to pay my half of the rent/utilities. I had moved in with her a year prior during a time when we were both dealing with broken hearts. Our bond became even stronger thru having each other, or so I thought. Boy was I totally the idiot. Unfortunately she never bothered to get a third roommate and So had no choice but to move out earlier this year. Mind you I went into massive debt because I didn't want to "abandon" her (I'm such a dumbass). I realized too late that she harbors a great deal of resentment and jealousy that began once I met my now boyfriend.

anyway, now after nearly a year has passed the pendulum just felt broken to me. And I believe it's because my friendship has been broken. She went from best friend to I'm worthless to her since I can't offer her anything beyond companionship. Im not her type physically, can't care for her dogs every weekend when she's gigging out of town anymore, and am verging on being homeless so money isn't gonna come her way. I live less than 3 min away but There was only one time where she did NOT cancel last minute on us hanging out together.

So I guess we both (pendulum and I) feel heartbroken, betrayed, used and now tossed aside. I felt like I needed to remake my pendulum, sever the connection I had with my former friend. Heal the pendulum and I. Etc.

I started first making a entirely new one from scratch. But didn't feel right, felt dead. Kept being drawn back to my sad old one but kept trying to make a completely new one for its essence to live in. Thru trial and error I think I finally might Have it almost right.

Right now it's same chain though shorter now, same weight (it's a Chinese sphere with a chime inside). But the "handle" is a new quartz crystal point with chakra stones set into it. It practically yelled at me to take it home with me when I was just window shopping at earthbound trading to kill time before work lol. Initially that was going to be my new pendulum, necklace and all but then it hit me what it's purpose was actually for...the part you hold.

The link is coming back. It's still weak and I still get the feeling it's not quite finished being remade. I'm trying to figure out what it is, maybe the copper chain needs to be replaced with a new copper chain, or a different type of metal. Don't know. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Suggestions are welcome though lol

This is the first time though that I viewed a tool as alive. It feels like I had given birth to it in a weird sort of way yet not exactly it's mother. I feel like a dr Frankenstein except I'm refusing to reject/destroy my creation...It just needs a little tweaking to give it a body we're both happy with lol

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Posted 30 December 2016 - 02:41 PM

I'm thinking now that the pendulum itself is becoming unique rather than being like a twin of another I should rethink how I get my answers. Before, I was undecided on how the pendulum works. I never thought it was anything more that a bunch of things we cobbled together. think I assumed it either was like a higher self or universal consciousness was being tapped into. But after moving my pendulum felt not quite dead, but just sad and lackluster. Kind of like trying to get a depressed friend out of bed etc. I think that's when I started to think it's due to how I felt overall and about my relationship with friend. It wasn't until my multiple failed attempts at making a new one/retiring the old one that my views on it changed for me.

I've heard of magical constructs. Know basically zilch about it but maybe I should look into that? It's starting to feel to me that it's not just some empty tool I utilize anymore but a feeling/thinking being itself. So I'm gonna try asking it how it wants to answer questions and maybe how it wants to look/be put together lol.

Btw: the comments about attaching it to a stationary object and just putting your finger on the top is awesome. I have doubts now of false positive movements due to even the slightest body movements. Didn't bother me as much before because I considered it's like a channeling and you're being guided So to speak. Now I think what little I get these days is just accidental or just subconscious wishful thinking movements.

So gonna try that idea too

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Posted 30 December 2016 - 07:52 PM

I always ask it to show me a yes, then a no, and then verify each with a question I know the answer to. My main working pendulum is one I've cobbled together from a key ring, a silver bracelet threaded with Rachel's Tomb red string, and a faceted sun catcher lead-crystal. I have two others, a copper & a brass shaped like stacked discs, made for diviners. My cobbled one works best, I've had it for years, and the metal one's for 2or less years. It doesn't bother me if I'm the source...I can find out what I didn't know I already knew that way.

I used it most successfully with a map to choose a neighborhood to house-hunt in, and found what suited me. I use it to find things.I've tried it with my spirit guide, and he was amused, willing to play along, but still answered me in my head like we've been doing since my teens. And I'm an old fart now mid 60s. : )

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