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This was a 5 part mini-series in England, aired a week or two ago (not to be confused with the aircrash investiagtion show of the same name!). It's basically about a teenage girl who goes missing on her way to a Mayday parade. The blurb about it at the time mentioned myth and legend in the woods coming into play, which is what caught my attention enough to watch it.


Has anyone else seen it? I'm sure for those who download, you would be able to find it online somewhere. I have to say I enjoyed it, though it did drag a little in the middle (felt like they were padding it to make it a week-long show instead of just 4 days).


I don't want to give spoilers away really, so if you don't want to know what happens or any hints then don't read past here....








Ok so, the whole reason I watched the series was because of the intrigue of how they would use the "myth and legend" in there. For 4 episode there are things hinted at, such as shamanism, but nothing flashy and no effects. It focusses on the lives of several people, all of whom could be guilty of taking or killing the girl, one in particular is a mentally challenged guy who likes to live in the woods and talks about fairies, hints to shamanism at times, and other such things. I liked his storyline and how they depicted people's reactions to him and his brother (and his brother's reaction to him). But what I really liked was the ending. In the 5th episode, ignoring who did it, there starts to come this element of witchcraft. Hinted at at first, but then shown through charms and...nature finds, I guess is the best way to describe it. I liked that they showed witchcraft to not be wicca, that curses and hexes were involved and not fluffy bunny love and light, and that they didn't depict it as evil because of that. It wasn't shown as flashy, it was just part of the witch - that her will could curse or hex you (or help you) just as much as a charm or spell from her could; I liked that they showed she could use tools for crafting but that it wasn't needed to get a result.


It made me think a lot about the intent thread here on the forums.


They also touched on spirit communication, and vengence, and I liked the open endedness that they left those things so you could make your own conclusion as to what had/would happen there.


Overall, the element of witchcraft was very small in the series, though thinking back there were things that could be seen in a slightly different light knowing that the girl was a witch. So yeah, I liked how they showed witchcraft, what little of it that they did show. Plot wise, the series is ok, not strong but watchable for 5 episodes (if you like crime series or whodunnits).


I kind of wish they'd do another 5 part series just focussing on witchcraft as they handled it better than flashy-Hollywood and didn't make it love-and-light.

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