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Lost Lands - Lucy Cavendish


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So I just finished reading a book called "Lost Lands" by Lucy Cavendish. I found it to be interesting, I suppose it would fall under the category of "New Age" as it were, but it was a decent read. Mythology fascinates me so I read a lot of it. The premise is basically that some on earth came from (at various times) the Lemurians, Atlanteans and Avalonians.


Lemurians: Beings who can shapeshift, are for all intents and purposes living off the land, have no need for technology or heirarchy, have powers, are one with the Earth and can communicate telepathically with the rest of the clan or tribe. They are very family oriented, live in clans or tribes and don't really eat meat, have more of a vegetarian lifestyle. Can appear to be naive and are considered to be elemental spirits in form, did not pick their "sex" until puberty.


Atlanteans: Orchestrators of their own downfall, technologically advanced, smart, intelligent, great builders, unfortunately decided to experiment on the Lemurians who came to Atlantis after Lemuria began to sank. Arrogance was the eventual evolution of the Atlantean psyche, a search for a "pure" form of the Lemurians lead to experiements below ground. They began to love power, technology and advancement above all others and this was what caused the end of Atlantis.


Avalonians: I would say pretty much what you see in "Mists of Avalon" to a degree. Powerful women working and living together to build a stronger earth, caretakers of the 'realm', into sustainable living, essentially how most witches try to be but working in a magical place behind the mists. Predominantly Goddess worship.


It does seem very 'white-lightey' and 'new-agey' I'll grant you but outside of that context it was an interesting read, a different perspective on the myths and legends of old. It's not for everyone, I think you would have to approach it with an open mind, if you already have an opinion on the abovementioned places or the idea of these places and it is negative, it probably wouldn't serve you much good to read it. I think if you're interested in knowing another opinion on the myths and how to "access" these places, it's the book for you. It is well written and done in a believable format, sometimes you read things on these places and you're thining the author needs to be medicated but not so with this book.


Anyway I enjoyed it, I'm not sure I completely buy into everything written in it, but nonetheless it was fascinating to read.

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